Latest Jaguar Land Rover F-Type to get 200 million pounds worth of investment

Nobody knew that the fate of Jaguar Land Rover would take such a 180 degree turn since the moment it has been acquired by the automobile giant of India, the Tata Motors. Tata Motors had bought the Jaguar Land Rover for 2.4 billion pounds in the year 2008. When you see the former today, it is worth 14 billion pounds in the global automobile scenario. The firm is now doing very well in the world automobile market. Currently in order to keep the gained position intact, the Jaguar Land Rover is in the process of making some major investments in its plants that are spread across the globe. The firm recently made an announcement that it would be recruiting an additional number of 1,000 employees for executing the operations of the manufacturing plant in the third shift that would commence at the Merseyside based Halewood factory. The major factor that drove the firm to take this kind of a step was the requirement to meet the worldwide demand of the Range Rover Evoque and the Land Rover Freelander 2, which has already been sold out for the coming two years.

Latest Jaguar Land Rover F-Type to get 200 million pounds worth of investment

The firm has also planned for an investment of nearly 355 million pounds for the new engine manufacturing facility at the Wolverhampton that would consequently create job opportunities for more than 750 people. The most recent incident that made the firm visit the news section was the announcement of an investment of 200 million pounds at the Bromwich plant that has been directed to increase its overall efficiency by 50 per cent and create job opportunities for 1000 people. You would find it very interesting to know that this was the very same facility that was nearly on the verge of being closed down a couple of years ago.

This particular investment is in the pipeline to materialize very soon while the talks with the trade union of the firm has been finished for commencing the work. This investment is done for the construction of the new Jaguar F-Type sports car that is speculated to be the heir of the much talked about Jaguar E-Type. This will be joining the current XF and XJ saloon, XK convertible/coupe and Sportbrake. The complete details about the technological as well as other specification are supposed to come to the news by the latter half of this year. By mid-2013, this car will be available with the dealers across Europe while in India it may reach by the end of that year or by the beginning of 2014 at the New Delhi Auto Expo.

The concept of the Jaguar Land Rover F-Type came into the minds of Jaguar nearly 12 years ago in the year 2000 at the New York Auto Show. The concept F-Type that was debuted in the year 2000 was basically a convertible that was based on the foundation of the 1997’s Jaguar XK180. In those days the idea behind the construction of the F-Type was to come up with a contemporary convertible sports vehicle, which was supposed to be functional, compact and quintessentially a Jaguar. The dreams of constructing an F-Type were smashed because the budget wasn’t enough to manifest the plan when Ford owned Jaguar. Currently the firm is reaping benefits from the automobile market under the strong back-up of the Indian automobile giant Tata Motors. Thus it’s all set to start realizing all the dreams it has once squashed.

The motivation to create the design of the legendary F-Type is the conceptual C-X16 that the firm displayed in the year 2011. Jaguar will be bringing out the F-Type by following the original year of 2000 concept and will manufacture it in a convertible model with just the two seats it has always been supposed to be. The engine will be of various types with the new powertrain technology and the body will be made of a complete aluminium construction.

With this kind of convertible sports car the Jaguar will be bringing back the charm of those old days which has long gone. The days of pure joy and pleasure, of riding without worry about the fuel efficiency but just about the performance could be back with F-Type.

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