Lexus hybrid cars hits Half million milestone

Luxury subsidiary of the Toyota, Lexus is riding high on its hybrid cars, which has already crossed the sales figure of over half a million. The Global sales figure of the luxury car manufacturer for the hybrid car has passed the half million mark recently. Since its first production hybrid, RX 400H that made its way on to the roads in 2005, Lexus has already sold over 506,000 hybrid vehicles that were equipped with the Lexus’ Hybrid Drive system.

Since the start of the hybrid line of the cars by Lexus in 2005, it has already put many hybrid models on road including the popular names like RX 400h, LS 600h, GS 450h, CT 200h, HS 250h and the latest addition to the hybrid lineage is the ES 300h. Among the names of the most popular models for the Lexus has been RX 400h and CT 200h that has already grabbed a huge sales figure of about 259,000 and 122,000 units together.

Lexus hybrid cars hits Half million milestone

According the report from the Lexus, Europe has been most crucial and popular market for the Hybrids with a sale figure of about 126,000 units, that accounts for over 1/4th of the total world sales.

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