London Cab Turns Golden At Shanghai Auto Show – Geely Englon TX4

Once a pride of London, TX4 taxi has started disappearing from Britain’s capital making way for Nissan vans to step into its shoes. Yet, one cannot completely dissolve the heritage that has stood by the time. London taxis as no more an exception, is now revived by Geely in China.

No fakes or copies, this time the maker has produced 200 cars officially under the permission, but instead of black shade it painted golden which is known as a color of good charm for Chinese. Some even said the cabs appear more beautiful in this glittery skin, which we don’t agree with partly.

Hence, this isn’t the first time London cabs are painted in a shade other than black by Geely. The distinctively draped models of the said were also seen in Eastern Europe and Russia on numerous occasions.

London Cab Turns Golden At Shanghai Auto Show - Geely Englon TX4
Just for information, Geely owned right to manufacture London cabs in 2012 by shelling out $20 million or £13 million. The maker also owns right for Volvo. These golden metals are officially called as Geely Englon TX4 London Taxi which draws power from a 2.5-liter diesel engine. No changes are carried out in the body or chassis, but suspensions are quirked to handle the squeezed turning of 7-meter aptly.

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