Luxury Apartment With Car Parking Inside The Living Room In Singapore: Watch Video

Scale models of the niche cars were earlier used as a décor to showcase that you are an auto lover and had passion for them, or apparently possesses a supercar in the garage as well.

But that’s an old school way to reveal of being a petrol head. An upmarket sky scraper in Singapore got something exciting to offer for those who possessed great cars of the time and love spending more time with them just like a family member.

It may sound a bit complicated and insane for some, but it’s true that aforesaid skyscraper offers apartment with garage adjacent to the living rooms, where there is only a glass to separate the owners and his machine. The glass wall concept between garage and living space is adopted to use car as a décor for the space. And in short, it also seemed those pricey automobiles aren’t meant to see the dark parking floors all day long. This in return had also sorted the parking problem for bothered riches that always look down from window to check whether someone isn’t harming their metals.

Luxury Apartment With Car Parking Inside The Living Room In Singapore: Watch Video

The topping on the cake is that reality firm made provisions for not only one but ‘two’ car parking space in that garage. So, ultimately, when thrown a house party over the weekend, then, there will not be a single topic to discuss, instead folks can go out and check your status quo live by experiencing those cars first hand.

Even the new car buyers will now get more to stay close to their bud who cannot afford to take their off from them.

Shredding some more lights on this concept, CEO of the real estate development firm KOP Properties said it isn’t a car park. Instead the cars are made for the décor of house. This time, those who say the unused car in a garage becomes a scrap, but here the automobile will serve the other purpose even if not being take out on road regularly.

For parking the car, owners needed to leave them in the car elevator as per the prescribed directions, the lifting machine then will do the rest till the time owner reaches his comfy sofa of the living room.

Hence, all good things don’t come easy, and for this affair one has to shell out $9.4 million to $23.5 million to buy an apartment here. Those who are thinking of renting it, must ensure enough balance are there in the bank account for paying a monthly rent of $11,000 which will allow the residents to use the services like conference rooms, gym, , jacuzzis and outdoor pool.

Do check out the video below to believe what is just said above is not only a dream.

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