Luxury car retailing and servicing – the latest AB group venture

The ever expanding luxury car sector has already attracted many multinational companies but there are many models that are not offered to the Indian customers due to the apprehension about the servicing level that any of these super cars might need. It has been recently reported that AB group, a Chennai based fleet  operator, is mulling a venture to retail luxury cars in southern India and it has also got in to the pre-owned car sales servicing of such cars. With a turnover of Rs 174 crores and a popular bus fleet owner, Parveen Travels, AB group has in its kitty a whopping 1000 automobiles of which approximately 750 are buses.

Director of AB group, A.Sadiq, according to a report was quoted as saying, that the luxury car market in the country is showing a north bound trend and there are un-met demands for those models that are not rolled out by foreign auto makers in India. He said, AB group was planning to import such vehicles and retail them in south India. It was further reported that the company has ventured in to the servicing domain of high end vehicles-upward of Rs 10 lakhs. This is in tune with the age old concept for players who provide, Value for Money. He added that it was common knowledge that most luxury car companies have their shops in India along with dealer networks. But the cost of the servicing is really repugnant, even to those customers who own such ultra luxury cars.

It was also reported that AB group has laid claim of being the best service provider at a cost which is significantly lower than what other authorized service station usually provide. The name of the service station is Torque. Mr. Sadiq further added that there are many unique models which have been imported into the country, and to service those cars, service personnel from abroad had to be flown in to the country which is no doubt a costly affair. He claimed that such models will be serviced at the Torque.

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