Mahindra Compact SUV S101 Spied again: Front Grille and Bumper Revealed

Mahindra S101 is in great hype since the first time when its story was revealed to media by one of the leading publication house. Now more to it, there are spy shots appeared on internet which clears the clutter for us widely and had lent a chance to sneak peek a bit more into the vehicle.

Looking at the spy images, S101 is seen towing one of its in-house badge truck itself, which we hope may be digging the ground to make some more TVCs like that of Scorpio which we had witnessed recently. Cosmetically, the compact SUV of Mahindra is having twin air dam in front which is planted in a way to hold the number plate in between. However, the camouflage on the bumpers and front are not tucked properly so a brief overview of design can be witnessed assuming that this is the final approved one. Front grille will be similar to hexagonal-mesh in oval dimension, and the outlook will derive equations like to that of elder sibling XUV500.

Well, one can understand what lies there in the cosmetic department, but the technical ones are still on the shaky grounds. Speculations in the industry is rendering for 1.5L 3 cylinder diesel engine which is seen on Quanto, and in future it may also mellow down the in-house made smaller displacement petrol as well diesel jags.

Mahindra Compact SUV S101 Spied again
One maybe thinking looking at the spy images that why the Mahindra compact SUV is made to drag its Genio that too on the highway of Tamil Nadu? To your answer, the carmaker maybe testing the vehicle to capture maximum load bearing capacity of the engine, and in spite of having the own race tracks highway is chosen to get answer at the first hand regarding actual road condition.

Mahindra Compact SUV S101

Mahindra Compact SUV S101 Back View

Mahindra S101 Spied Front

Image Courtesy – MotorVikatan

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