Mahindra Group Signs MOU with Eurocopter for Trading Civil Helicopters

Mahindra Satyam and Mahindra Aerospace, which represent the aerospace engineering and manufacturing capabilities of India’s leading industrial company, Mahindra Group, recently signed a MOU with Eurocopter Group and the company’s subsidiary in India, Eurocopter India, for partnering in trade.

This partnership will focus customization and engineering of civil helicopters, manufacturing sub assemblies and jointly developing specific segments in the market. The details of the structure and scope of this partnership is to be decided within the upcoming few months.

The CEO and President of Eurocopter, Lutz Bertling said noting that the Indian company was a well respected and long established multinational growth that had great manufacturing and engineering competencies, that the synergy between their two companies would increase their contributions in the civil helicopter segment in India.

Meanwhile, the board member of the Group’s executive board and president of M&M, and the chairman of Mahindra Aerospace, Hemant Luthra, said that the were quite delighted to be able to work with one of the leading manufacturer’s of helicopters in the world and for contributing towards the rise of the aeronautical industry and civil market in India.

He added that Eurocopter had a long term and solid growth strategy for this market, while Mahindra Group is already making a niche for themselves in the manufacturing space of aerostructures and fixed-wing aircraft. They see this partnership as an taking an important step forward for them and the Indian aviation industry as well.

Meanwhile, Mahindra Satyam’s CEO, C. P. Gurnani, said that they have supplying engineering and IT services for the aerospace market and have been offering solutions to Airbus since many years now. They already have a close relationship with EADS Group, and are proud of their new association with Eurocopter and for providing them with engineering capabilities to meet their wide product range. This underscores their ambition and commitment as a leading provider in this sector of value added services.

Eurocopter India, which launched in India in Oct 2010, demonstrated their long term commitment in this industry and market. This company is the only foreign and the first helicopter manufacturing company in India to have their own subsidiary in the market. Their key priority is identifying the opportunities and synergies for partnerships with domestic companies for strengthening the Indian helicopter industry.

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