Mahindra TUV300 Launched at Rs.6.90 Lakh in India

The TUV300 has been launched by Mahindra for the Indian market and comes at a starting price of Rs.6.90 lakh and is looking to take on the Ford EcoSport in the Indian market.

The Mahindra TUV300 is being billed as the ‘Iconic true Blue SUV’ by the company and has a battle tank inspired design. The car is quite similar to the Bolero in terms of looks and sports new alloy wheels, short overhangs and square wheel arches. The straight roofline fits the squarish vehicle shape and the car can be bought in as many as six colours.

The TUV300 will be made available in seven variants – T4, T4+, T6, T6+, T6 AMT, T8+ and the T8 AMT which will be the top-end edition. The car will also have standard features such as power steering, air conditioning, power windows, tilt steering as well as an immobiliser. The top end model would include electronically adjustable OVRMs, micro hybrid technology as well as four inch display.

Mahindra TUV300 Launched

Apart from the T4, all models will have ABS and dual airbags and Mahindra has also managed to add two jump seats to the back, making the car a seven- seater.

The car comes powered by the advanced mHawk80 series engine which delivers 80bhp in terms of power as well as 230Nm in terms of torque.

The TUV300 will look to build on the success of the Bolero SUV and will be the car to look out this festive season.

Prices of various TUV300 versions are given below:

TUV300 variants Prices (In Rs.)
T4 6.90 lakhs
T4 Plus 7.25 Lakhs
T6 7.55 Lakhs
T6 Plus 7.80 Lakhs
T6 AMT 8.52 Lakhs
T8 8.40 Lakhs
T8 AMT 9.12 Lakhs

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