Mahindra’s fourth quarter profit rises by 42 percent

Mahindra and Mahindra announced the financial result for the 4th quarter which ended on 31st March 2013. The gross revenue and the other income of the Mahindra and Mahindra ltd. And MVML (entity) were Rs. 11342.3 crore in comparison to the Rs. 10333.6 crore last year- a growth of 9.8 percent. The profit on the exceptional item and tax for the current year was at Rs. 1230.4 crore against Rs. 868.0 crore last year with a growth of 41.8 percent. The operating margin for the combined entity has increased from 12.0 percent last year to current 14.4 percent. The strict focus on the cost control and strong performance by auto sector has rendered to this incredible growth.

During the current quarter Mahindra gathered an exceptional profit of Rs. 90.6 crore arise by the sale of 34 lakhs shares of the subsidiary Mahindra Holdings and Resorts India Ltd. in the Q4 last year. The net profit after the exceptional item tax were Rs. 962.9 crore in compare to the Rs. 911.3 crore in Q4 last year.

Mahindra's fourth quarter profit rises by 42 percent

In the passenger vehicle segment the entity sold about 72076 vehicles in the current quarter with a growth of about 23 percent over the last year. All the product in the UV segment continues to do good and company continues its leadership position with market share of 47.8 percent. In the car segment Mahindra sold 3747 Veritos. It also exported 776 vehicles in current quarter.

The domestic tractor industry showed a decline of 1.7 percent in the current quarter, the company sold 46107 tractors under Mahindra Swaraj brand against the 48517 tractors last year. The company’s market share during the quarter was 37.2 percent. The company also exported 3767 tractors in the last quarter. The Powerol business also saw a growth of 20.8 percent at Rs. 283.6 crore in quarter 4 in compare to the Rs. 234.9 crore last year.

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