Man sells his own testicle to buy a Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z is no doubt a stunning car, and would compel a one to approach some unusual route for buying it, if he is not capable of gaining a one monetary wise.

We bet that there wouldn’t be another Nissan 370Z fanatic like this person named Mark Parisi, “who sold one of his testicles to medical science for the lump of $35,000”.

When asked the reason why he sorted to selling part of his manhood, he replied, buying a Nissan 370Z is the main cause for his ultimately insane decision.

Nissan 370Z

Hope so that makes clear, what the craziness of cars can make a person go such extreme. Well, we would like to hear from Nissan how do they feel in getting a complement like this!

This piece of news is seemed to have been taken from a broadcasting media, and the reaction recorded of Mr. Parisi on the video was found ultimately cool. He wasn’t shy a bit nor scared about his action.

At last we have calculated that, all of the men are carrying “$70,000” in their underpants along with a bulge, if they needed a supercar it is going to help them a lot, that’s what resounded Mr. Parisi via his sale of the testis. So, sorry beauties who were thinking that women are important than anything else in a man’s life, it’s actually a “SUPERCAR” what men loves the most!

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