Maruti planning a new 800cc car to replace the original 800 as well as the Alto

Though the frenzy surrounding the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo has just about died down, the auto industry is still witnessing a lot of things happening. Maruti Suzuki India is the latest car manufacturer that has made all market predictions go wrong. The company has confirmed that they are planning on a latest model of the Maruti, which is going to replace the flagship models of the car maker including the Maruti 800 and the Maruti Alto. The MD of Maruti Suzuki, Shinzo Nakanishi has revealed this good news, which is definitely going to have a huge impact, considering the fact that the Maruti Alto has been one of the best selling cars of the automobile manufacturer.

Maruti planning a new 800cc car to replace the original 800 as well as the AltoThe chief of Maruti Suzuki was very keen on driving home two points, the first being that the new Maruti model that is being proposed will have an 800cc engine, similar to that of the Alto and the Maruti 800. However, this new car is going to be provided with more advanced technology and looks so that it can address all the necessities of consumers pertaining to small cars. This car is, however, not going to be launched immediately and it is expected to take at least two years to hit the Indian roads. This will give us enough time to bid farewell to the current flagship brand of the company in the small car segment, the Maruti Alto. However, the K10 variant of Maruti Alto, which has been equipped with a 1000cc engine, is going to continue being sold in the Indian auto market and has not been lined up for replacement. Tier II and III cities in India still witness plying of the Maruti 800, though the car is not suitable for bigger cities and metros, as it does not match the latest norms of emission.

Maruti Alto has been the largest selling car in the A segment having a petrol engine of 796cc. A CNG variant of the car has also been offered in order to meet the growing market demand of having this car provided with alternative methods of fuel propulsion. Most of the closest rivals of Maruti India have envied this company due to the fact that its Maruti Alto has been able to generate a huge share in the Indian auto market. Hyundai India has been making desperate efforts to tap into this small car market and has even launched its Hyundai Eon for the same. However, it has not been able to achieve significant success in its efforts so far. Hence, Maruti India seems to have done exactly the right thing of having these hugely successful vehicles, the 800 and the Alto, replaced by a vehicle from its own stable much before any of its competitors came out with a car that would do the same.

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