Maruti trying to reposition its New Swift Dzire in the taxi market

Since 2011 Maruti has seen degradation in the automobile market due to the natural disasters that hit Japan. Thus the stronghold that they always had over the thriving Indian automobile market had vanished somewhere but now Maruti has launched the newest version of Swift Dzire to tackle the onslaught of a whole new range of cars that they have planned to roll out on the Indian roads. So now people are in doubts as to what will happen with the predecessor model of the car.

Apparently, Maruti has released a statement saying that the previous model of Swift Dzire will be given to the flourishing taxi market as it promises high durability and is also efficient in terms of fuel. There will apparently be a fall in the price of the previous Swift Dzire and it is said that the car will be perfect for the taxi market. Another important factor of the car is that the maintenance costs of the car are quite less and adding to that Maruti has its own CNG Kit manufacturing units. Maruti has also given hints that the new model will be introduced under a new name suitable for the taxi market.

Maruti trying to reposition its New Swift Dzire in the taxi market

The boot space that comes with Maruti Swift Dzire increases the prospects of the car in the taxi market as the car though the previous model of the car boasted of being 400 litres more than the new one that is about to be introduced. The boot space is approximately 316 litres in the upcoming Swift Dzire which is less than that of its antecedent. Thus the previous Swift Dzire still remains in more demand than the new one.

The competition of Maruti is tough in the Indian market where they have been ruling since two decades now. There was a time when Maruti 800 was considered as one of the most economical and crowd-friendly locomotive in the Indian market but owing to the natural disasters hitting Japan in the previous year, other automobile heavyweights have overthrown Maruti off the throne. But Maruti considers it as a temporary downfall and now are planning to throw the covers off the new Dzire.

Initially Maruti launched A-Star to lock horns with their own production, Maruti Alto and similarly Swift Dzire came from Swift. The price of the new Swift Dzire is said to be approximately Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 31,000 less than that of its predecessor model. Thus launching the predecessor model in the Indian Taxi market is considered as a strategic move on the part of Maruti and thus the company aims to re-establish its lost stronghold in the Indian market.

The diesel variant of Swift Dzire has won accolades for being one of the most efficient cars in the Indian automobile market ever since the prices of petrol started skyrocketing. So thus by introducing the new Swift Dzire, Maruti has immense expectations of making yet another impact on Maruti Suzuki enthusiasts.

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