McLaren P1 GTR Unveiled For Geneva Motor Show With 1000HP

Reportedly, McLaren unveiled the production version of P1 GTR ahead of Geneva Motor show. To make it happen the carmaker had did several changes, but major of it is with the livery which is carried of the 1995 model of McLaren P1 GTR that was sponsored by Harrods. Though, other changes are also included, where to reduce the weight company has replaced the glass panel roof with a carbonfibre. And the side window glasses are now changed by the polycarbonate. Though, the 32mm windshield remained intact.

The wide rear wing now sits at 400mm above the bodywork, whereas at the front the operational flaps accounts for 10% of increase downforce, which is worth of 660kg at 150mph. As compared to the standard model, this car sits 50mm lower than the standard car while the 19-inch wheels with Pirelli tyres makes enough sticky affair with the ground to maintain the touch.

In the engine bay, they say the power output too is increased as compared to the standard one. Fitted with a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 motor, the gasoline sends out whopping power of 789bhp (as compared to 737bhp). Alongside, an electric motor then adds more whir of 200bhp (as against 179bhp), which in total accumulates up to an insane 1000bhp.

McLaren P1 GTR Unveiled For Geneva Motor Show With 1000HP

Hence, the GTR cars aren’t street legal, so production too will be restricted for limited owners. Hence, that’s not so easy; the buyers will have to empty approximately $3.8 million and has to be from the existing P1 owners. Further on, they are needed to undergo serious training process to brace them for ownership of such a prized possession. As per the reports, prospective buyers will have to opt for the McLaren P1 Driver Programme, which involves a test session at Silverstone followed by a track day at Circuit de Catalunya, Spain.  Additionally, the race seat fitting and assessment at McLaren’s Human Performance Centre are also a part of the package; while the consultation for final design of their personalized cars with Frank Stephenson, McLaren’s automotive design director, will be an added advantage for this package.

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