Mercedes Benz AMG Gran Tourismo Vision Makes a Video Appearance

Some days back we reported about the Mercedes-Benz showing its new concept car created for Gran Turismo 6. The car called ‘AMG Vision Gran Turismo’, looks stunning from all the angles especially at the front grille and tail lamps.

Hence, all those talking were done through the images only, but what if we say that same had appeared in a video. It will be interesting to see the three-pointed star Beast doing rounds of track in all its glory. One can take a look of it in detail in the posted video. But before going on your dream trip, let us make clear that AMG Vision Gran Turismo is powered by a AMG V8 biturbo aspiring 577 hp (430 kW) and 590 lb-ft of torque to get the adrenaline till core.

Meanwhile, gullwing doors and charming interiors does the remaining part to compel a one on knees.

Mercedes Benz AMG Gran Tourismo

Mercedes Benz AMG Gran Tourismo interiors

Mercedes Benz AMG Gran Tourismo Back View

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