Mercedes Benz eyeing Hatchback launch in India

Over the past few decades many car-makers have belted out the best of their models and have utilized the full scope for innovation, but the one name which describes elegance and royalty is Mercedes Benz. Ever since the foundation of this company was established Mercedes Benz has created frenzy in the automobile industry with their state-of-the-art technology and ensuring luxury at the same time. All the cars that have left the manufacturing units of Mercedes Benz have received ground-breaking acclamations. With the introduction of the C-Class and E-Class they have redefined new dimensions of perfection.

Recently India witnessed one of the biggest and glitziest automobile exhibitions, where Mercedes Benz showcased the most extravagant of its mean machines. One of these was the A-Class hatchback which generated quite a roar amongst the customers as most of them weren’t aware of any hatchbacks rolling out of a Mercedes Benz showroom. As always Mercedes has maintained design and performance as its top priority and thus the A-Class hatchback segment has been blessed with vibrant design lines ensuring the charm of Mercedes. And adding to that is its power-packed engine which gives a boost to the car’s performance. Mercedes Benz is planning to launch either the A-Class hatchbacks or the B-Class hatchbacks into the Indian market. The primary factor behind this venture lies in the fact that the demand of these cars is nowadays increasing ever since people started visiting Mercedes Benz showroom at Auto Expo, 2012 held at Pragati Maidan recently.

Mercedes Benz Hatchback

It is ascertained that B-Class hatchbacks will be rolled out on the Indian roads by the end of this year and will lock horns with the BMW Mini-Cooper, which has also been termed as a fierce rival to the Mercedes hatchbacks. Over the past few years both Mercedes Benz and BMW have been competing against each other, but Mercedes Benz has expressed a strong will to overthrow BMW and conquer the top spot by the year 2020. Both automobile giants have been in the market for decades and have witnessed parallel growth. Thus the launch of Mercedes A-Class and B-Class in the lucrative Indian market will heighten the brand worth of Mercedes in India. The German automobile giants believe that hatchbacks are just the thing for Indian roads and launching them here would enhance their opportunities of sidelining BMW and Audi.

Till date almost all other counterparts of Mercedes Benz such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, etc have made a mark in India. Firstly BMW analyzed the prospects of launching hatchbacks on Indian roads and thus brought BMW X1 series to India following which Audi India is now planning to roll out Audi Q3 on Indian roads by the end of this year along with BMW Mini and Mercedes Benz hatchbacks.

By launching its hatchback editions into the market here, Mercedes Benz aims to increase their sales by 75% and thus, achieve its goal of conquering Indian market which is nowadays considered as one of the most expanding and profit-oriented markets.

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