Mercedes-Benz India launches its Driving Academy

This academy is going to carry out a basic AMG Training Program. The training program is scheduled to be held for four months annually. The initial training program will include eight students per group and two such groups are going to be trained on one weekend every month. Both theoretical and practical sessions are going to be included in the program, which is going to be conducted by German experts. The venue for the training will be the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. The training schedule is going to encompass basic techniques for drivers, which is going to include handling, under-steering, over-steering, lane changing, slalom, application of brakes as well as methods to avoid collision.

Other than the practical training sessions for driving, the participants are going to be provided with special cuisine during this event. They will also be given AMG vehicles, which would be used in pairs. Insurance facility is also being provided during the course of the training program. The first lot of students will start receiving training from the 16th of March, 2012 and is going to include 16 participants only. The training fee has been set at Rs.75,000. A special award amounting to Rs.50,000 has been offered by Mercedes-Benz. Customers of Mercedes-Benz are going to receive first preference.

Mercedes-Benz India launches its Driving Academy

The other global training courses that have been made available at the AMG Driving Academies are as given below.

Advanced Training:

This training course is going to teach drivers on the basics of handling the AMG Mercedes effectively across a race track. This training facility is presently restricted only to Germany, but is expected to have its launch in India by the year 2013.

Pro Training:

This training program has been designed for participants, who have experience of track racing. It provides them with the opportunity of making improvements to their game. Drivers are given the opportunity to have professional practice on race tracks for 2.5 days. Instructors in the field of motorsports are going to be available to prepare the drivers on handling the rigors of racing on tracks. This program is restricted only to Germany.


This course has been designed for training those people, who have the intention of becoming private race drivers, in the future. An introduction is offered at the beginning, following which the driver is made to do guided laps using the SLS AMG and the AMG GT3 as well. The training program will come to an end with the driver being given an entry to the 2012 Competition of the SLS AMG GT3. This program also, is restricted at the moment, only to Germany.

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