Mercedes Benz S Class Facelift Caught Unaware

German engineering is undoubtedly one of the best in world but for a last few stances they have been on the collapsing meter for car sales. With the leaked images of S Class facelift it seems that the lost throne will now be once again assigned to Mercedes moniker itself.

S Class facelift was also a need of the hour along with updated E Class. Though whatever it maybe, we just got our hands on the leaked images of it. New S class is slated to be officially unveiled on 15 May in Hamburg.

The next gen S Class looks for a serious rage with Rolls Royce Ghost by the means of powerful engine options, big bucked interiors, various other equipments and lot more. This all new cluster will too inspire C Class in near future. Mercedes Benz is planning to launch around 13 models by 2020 and all such efforts are the part of those fortifying futuristic footsteps.

Mercedes Benz S Class Facelift
India may get S Class facelift sometime by next year while the preparations for updated E Class are on full acceleration. Till then one can satisfy himself on the beloved new interiors of S Class as well, which even the niche also envies.

Mercedes Benz S Class Back View

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