Mercedes-Benz S-class on sale in UK

Launch of the S class is one of the hottest topics in the market. After its unveiling, people were anxiously waiting for the arrival of this car into the market. The wait is over at least for the people in UK.

Mercedes-Benz has finally put the luxurious S-class on sale in the British market. The car is offered at a whooping price of £62,650 which is over 58 lac Rupees. The S-class is worth every penny of this huge amount with its super luxurious and high tech designing.

The S- class has stayed as one of the best selling luxury sedans in the world. Many generation of the S- class have entered the market since its initial launch. Some of the standard features of the S class include ABS (anti lock braking system), SRS air bags, night vision assist as well as catalytic converters. The new S class will continue to endorse these feature but with a higher degree of sophistication and perfection, adding to the driving experience.

The new S class comes in three variants with S 350 BlueTEC as the diesel variant, S 400 Hybrid as the electric-gas variant and S 500 which is the petrol engine variant. In addition to this, 2 trim choices of AMG line and SE line are available. The new S-class will have a 9% increase in its power output as compared the W221. The S-400 will be able to give an output of 332 bhp. The CO2 emission is reduced by 18% in S-400 while the fuel efficiency has increased by a whole 22%.

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Some of the interesting features offered by this S class are a keyless start, a reverse camera, intelligent light system, command online (NAT 5), DAB digital radio etc. There is also a Magic Vision Control that is an enhanced wipe/wash system. Magic body control suspension is offered in S-500. In alliance with the Road surface scan system, it can scan a distance of approximately 15m ahead of the car while driving.

The new S class has an array of added features. In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are other features too. There are TFT hi- resolution screens which are 307 mm long (diagonally). To add to the comfort while driving, S class is offering different seat packages. The buyer can go for standard 3-seat with super quality leather seat covers. The buyer can also go for 2 recliner seats in the rear with a reclining angle of around 43 degrees. Still adding to the comfort is the option of having seats that can offer a hot massage. The arm rests too can be heated up.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The list can go on and on. The new S class has left no stone unturned in designing this super luxurious and high tech car.

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