Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT declared as the latest Formula 1 Safety Car

The Mercedes-Benz SLS GT has been declared as the latest Formula 1 Safety Car.

The GT is the newest in a long row of AMG safety cars, and adopts from the standard SLS that has been utilized to position F1 race episodes since the year 2010.

Fundamentally anup-gradededition of the existing SLS supercar, the GT puts out 583 BHP from its 6.2-litre V8 and boasts a retuned double-clutch gear case that offers upenhanced shift times.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT declared as the latest Formula 1 Safety Car

The alterations knock a tenth of a second off the SLS’s 0-100kph sprint time thatcurrentlyaccepts just 3.7 seconds. Its maximum pace has been limited to 317kph. New to the SLS GT is AMG Ride Control. It puts back the 3-mode system on the subsisting car and is stated to offer aggressive suspension tuning for enhanced dynamics.

A production edition of the SLS GT will be revealed at the Paris motor show, before hitting United Kingdom showrooms during the month of November.

It is mechanically the sameas the Safety Car and has darkened head and rear light lenses, in addition to a gloss black finish to the fins and grille-mounted Mercedes Benz, to visually distance it from the distinctive SLS.

Inside, the steering wheel receives a coating of Alcantara, while a gloss black finish adorns the dials and sections of the dashboard and centre console.

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