Mercedes Benz to Introduce Luxury Buses in India

While Indian roads since the last few years have seen nearly all models of the Mercedes Benz zipping across the metros and towns, this luxury automotive giant from Germany is all set to introduce its luxury bus models in India as well. While some cities have already placed orders after some skepticism, there is no doubt that India will witnessthe Benz buses soon.

The skepticism emanates from transporters that Indian road conditions would be detrimental to these luxury buses and chassis damage or axle damage could increase maintenance costs. Mercedes Benz, however, is sure to have taken these factors into account and according to reports, will also keep the comfort factor of passengers with air conditioning and low access platforms intact. The engine will be housed in the rear of the bus, thus eliminating the possibility of sound entering the interiors of the bus. Vibration levels will also be at a minimum. The driver’s seat has also multiple adjustment parameters for the driver to negotiate traffic easily without incurring additional stress.

Mercedes Benz to Introduce Luxury Buses in India

The buses are being assembled at the Chakkan plant in Pune. The side paneling is first being pasted on the frames and then painted. Mercedes Benz is tight lipped about how comfortable the ride will be on Indian roads famous for uneven road surfaces, pot holes and frequent water logging. Going by the outstanding engineering technology Benz has incorporated over the years, it is sure to evolve its technology to combat Indian road conditions.

Whatever maybe the conditions, Indian bus commuters are all poised to have a safe and comfortable ride in the buses from Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz has also put in place a highly skilled force for servicing these buses through a wide network of dealers and service centers.

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