Mercedes CLS250 CDI And E400 Cabriolet India Launch On March 25, 2015

The opulence of Mercedes is always affirmed with a rare drive for the road, such as a beautiful ‘coupe’ or a ‘roadster’. And if those are your tastes, then Benz is in the mood to throw party on March 25, 2015. Reported to launch new CLS250 CDI and E400 Cabriolet on the said date, both these options would offer buyers an option to upshift from the mid-size sedan, but stay in the vicinity lower than the flagship S-Class.

Taking on CLS 250 CDI first, it is the facelift of the on-sale CLS coupe, which will make debut in diesel only. Under the hood, there stays the same engine of ML250CDI worth of 2143cc for 201bhp and 500Nm of torque. On cosmetics, tweaks at front grille is the most prominent that mimics A-Class.  In the past gen this model does not happen to turn out with best numbers, for the reason only petrol option was available. Earlier, with the first gen, the car offered both the options (petrol and diesel) and tracked good responses from the market as that wasn’t seeing a direct rival from Audi and BMW unlike to their current offerings of A7 and 6-Series Gran Coupe respectively.

Mercedes CLS250 CDI And E400 Cabriolet India Launch
The other prominent model after the big-S that turned out as the branding face of Benz in India, E-Class, seen various variations in the past including a V6 diesel added. Turning to the petrol, now, one can find the V6 in petrol as well with E400 Cabriolet version that would debut along the new CLS. A bunch of 328bhp and 480Nm via a 9-speed auto transmission are at its bay. The 0-100 sprint is reported to clock in 5.3 seconds. The predecessor to it was sold with naturally-aspirated in the pre-facelift avatar tagged as E350. But with this fresh case and enhanced nomenclature the soft-top is assured on the operational side until the mark of 40kmph.

Mercedes CLS250 CDI And E400 Cabriolet India Launch On March 25, 2015

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