Mercedes G 500 4×4² Concept Detailed

It does not make sense driving a 6×6 on the congested roads of urban jungle. Benz shifted it rightly, now unveiled the G 500 4×4² concept ahead of Geneva Motor Show 2015, the off-roader with the ultimate luxury, that claims to be a successful equation for the niche buyers who once were taken back by the six-wheeled but wanted to graduate from the standard G63 AMG, now gets detailed more deeply.

Fitted with a twin-turbo V8 engine that almost sends the jaw dropping 422PS of peak power mated to a seven-speed 7G-tronic auto transmission, even meets the new engine norms of Euro 6. Three differential locks given at the mercy of driver to gate out from the toughest driving conditions. Though, this harsh on the inner side, new Glendwagen of the Benz is also tough on the exteriors, where the AMG-featured front bumper takes on the lead, followed by carbon fiber flares and a roof-mounted LED light bar dominating the further appeal. Stainless steel underbody guards, side-exiting exhaust and the whole package stands tall on 22-inch wheels shod with off-road tyres, which in total is well suited for the 450mm of ground clearance.

If given the steering wheel to ravage the G500 across the off-roads, engineers had improved the approach angle at 52 degrees and departure angle at 54 degrees. Driver can also choose from the Comfort mode to Sports just at the click of a button on central console, where one out of those two spring/damper struts per wheel is electronically controlled and changes to the new setting within 15 milliseconds.

Mercedes G 500 4x4² Concept Detailed

Commenting about the depth of its driving experience, Mercedes said, it will be more of a “sports car” rather than a “cross-country vehicle”, which ultimately made us to think about the 1000mm wading/fording depth.

Hence, the vehicle is still in the conceptual stage, where the production can be confirmed only after receiving warm response at auto shows. For such a reply, it is thinkable, there are number of aspirers of Glendwagen who doesn’t care about the price tag, but just trust the Benz logo with a tough body over the rest, even though it didn’t manage to serve the purpose of city drive, for which this G 500 4×4² happens to be a right answer if goes into production.

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