Mercedes S550 Premium Sports Edition Launched In Japan

The exclusives in Japan will wake to a better Mercedes-Benz than before. As reported the German automaker there had launched S550 Premium based on the S550 long-wheelbase, the Sports Edition S-Class comes loaded with AMG-type of styling and lavish interiors full of Nappa leather and chauffeur package.

On the styling front, wheel deployed are 20-inch in size derived from AMG galley, whereas the other outside adornment is the option of Obsidian Black and White Diamond paint shades to choose from.

Excitement continues inside the cabin too. It tells the tale with black Nappa leather seats, ash trim and leather/wood steering wheel.

Mercedes S550 Premium Sports Edition Launched In Japan

The chauffeur package included feeds in climate control sense in the Exclusive rear seat, a bombastic entertainment system of 43.5 ° and many other features.

Hence, production will be limited to 200 units only with each of them costing ¥18,100,000 (€132,500/$169,330).

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