Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari Enzo and FXX are up for sale!

Rarest of the rare and that is none other than Michael Schumacher’s “Ferrari Enzo” and “FXX”. The black colored FXX is so special that Ferrari had made it only in ‘one’ number during their entire lifetime which is painted ‘black’; whilst the red Enzo speaks its exclusivity with enormous signatures under its bonnet that is given by famous personalities, and the list even includes signature of Ferrari’s chairman Luca di Montezemolo.

Both the Ferraris are not exactly purchased by Mr. Schumacher but the Italian carmaker had given it as a token of appreciation for the achievement of remaining seven times F1 Champion.

Enzo shows the clocking of 8,500 km on the odo but the other one i.e. FXX had charmed only a mere of 900 km, means a rare touch by the racing champion.

Michael Schumacher's Ferrari Enzo and FXX
Well, one must be rubbing their hand to buy a one, and yes hopefully we have all the details for you to make most of the Prancing Horse. It says supercar dealer ‘Garage Zenith’ is willing to sell the red bug for $1.47 million, whereas black remains the costliest on floor with the whopping tag of $2.67 million.

Here only one question arises in our mind, how many bidding applications do Mr. Michael had received for these two beauties who had accompanied him during his stays at the Ferrari? Any guesses!

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