Michelin Pilot Experience 2013 is here again

I don’t have words to describe the experience of being at a car racing event. Watching your favourite wheels run on the field at breath taking speeds and then crossing the finish line to emerge victorious is a moment that stays with you forever. Watching a race on a mere TV set raises the excitement bar to such an extent that the person is almost out of his chair. When this is what you do in front of your TV just imagine what would it be to actually drive those power wheels yourself? I am not writing fairy tales here. Michelin Pilot Experience has arrived again to give the crazy sports lovers a chance to steer their favourite racing cars to get a perfect racing experience.

Michelin is a French company that specializes in manufacturing tyres. It was established in the year 1888 in Clermont-Ferrand. It is among the top 2 tyre manufacturers in the world. The other manufacturer in the top 2 is Bridgestone. Michelin manufactures tyres for motorcycles and bicycles, automobiles, space shuttles as well as aircrafts. It also has a long history of being associated with F1 racing, endurance racing and many other racing events. It has been the official tyre supplier for many teams participating in these events.

Michelin Pilot Experience was started by Michelin to promote its different products and strengthen its image in the global market. This is a completely consumer based event. Michelin invites various distributors, writers and consumers from Asia and Oceana to give them a life time experience. At this event they get to drive F1 cars, learn about steering a touring car and also experience the thrill of being on the racing field. In order to enhance this learning experience, a professional is always with you in the car.

Michelin Pilot Experience 2013

The 2013 MPE will be organized at the Sepang International Circuit located in Malaysia. The event will kick start in August this year. This circuit is being used to conduct this event since the year 2008. In the past 5 years over 2,000 entries have been received requesting a participation. This event will be organized by ORECA Asia this year. It is a firm that specializes in organizing events, selling accessories and prototype cars etc.

Michelin is organizing this event in association with Bloomberg and Autocar. In order to seek participation, an enthusiast has to visit their page that puts before you a series of questions which you need to answer. The duly filled form is to submitted and the winners will be decided on the basis of the score you obtain. The selected winners will get to go on an “all paid” trip to Malaysia and be a part of Michelin Pilot Experience 2013. From your travelling to your stay in Malaysia, all will be paid by the organizers of the event. Here is the link if you wish to register.

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