Mitsubishi U.K not to order more EvoXs after selling last ten

Mitsubishi U.K will not be filling the stocks of 2012 Evo X once it rolls out its last ten units due to uncomplimentary exchange rate as compared to the stronger Yen. The dealers even tried to sell the car at no profit, but later decided to discontinue the selling of the Mitsubishi performance flagship car, the EVO X.

Instead of selling the car at no profit, Mitsubishi U.K wants to be the part of the development of the next Evo, the managing director, Lance Bradley told in a statement to Autocar. A regular next-gen Lancer is dated to arrive in 2014, the high performance version is still not in the lane of production.

Bradley also added that U.K is an exceptionally significant market for Evo, with a peak season sale of about 1,400 units.

Mitsubishi U.K not to order more EvoXs after selling last ten

It is still not clear how Mitsubishi U.K is going to get involved with the production and development of Evo XI. It is also not clear that if there is still time for the contribution as Mitsubishi has still not announced any tentative date for the release of the next Evo.  But it is already clear that whosoever wants to get their hand on the Mitsubishi’s flagship performance car will have to pay a premium price for the new one or for the used one once this new one rolls out into the market.

So, it still remains to be seen how auto enthusiast will take this new car. The car is also rumored to be a diesel hybrid powertrain. It probably will appear as a four door sedan rather than a hatchback and its all-wheel drive system should enable it to reach zero to 60 mph within 5 seconds.

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