M&M Mulls Opening New Facility to Manufacture Farm Equipment

Homegrown utility vehicles manufacturer, Mahindra & Mahindra are contemplating opening a new facility that will exclusively produce different types of farm equipment for both the post harvest and pre harvest season.

Till the company finalises the project, they will expand their existing facility in association with Mitsubishi to sourcing farm equipments for this market from Mitsubishi. Over the last year, they have been getting rice-transplanters over from Mitsubishi, which they later on sell in the market branded as their products, after they split with partner TYM, a Korean based company, some years ago.

This forms a part of the company’s initiatives to increase their offerings in the farm equipments mechanised category that comprises of transplanters, combined crop specific harvesters, sprayers and tillers. Owing to the shortage of labour problem that the agriculture segment in India faces today, the market of farm equipments is growing at a fast pace.

The company’s Chief Executive for the division of farm equipments, Bishwambhar Mishra, said that they may open a new facility, most likely in Punjab to manufacturer contemporary farm equipment. Until then, they will continue sourcing the equipments for this market from overseas. They intend to be topmost when it comes to providing post harvest and pre harvest operations.

The automotive conglomerate is also working on their own farm equipments, apart from strengthening their ties with Mitsubishi. Mishra added that they are working on designing farm implements that are crop specific. They are also working to develop a product that will aid sugarcane harvesting, along with a cheap alternative product to aid in potato harvesting. Meanwhile, for medium and low technology products, they are largely dependent on their in-house designing team, whereas for top end products, they will rely on sourcing from overseas.

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