Mumbai car enthusiasts have a chance to test drive the Skoda Yeti this weekend

Authorized dealership of Skoda in Mumbai is providing Skoda enthusiasts and its customers a rare opportunity to wholly experience the off-road capabilities of Yeti in an exciting and safe environment. So, this weekend would be a thriller for those enthusiasts to experience off-roading in the all powerful Yeti, which behaves as a tough SUV in the roughest of terrains and very comfortable and stylish in city limits.

Things to watch out for the event primarily include an artificial track being setup for enthusiasts to experience various off-road features and functionalities of the Skoda Yeti.

The different kinds of artificial tracks set up would include slalom, which consists of six cones setup to get a feel of easy maneuvering of the car in city limits. A wet zone, which is built to feel the EBD and ABS features. A parking zone, which is built to show parktronic feature of the Yeti. Hill climb, which is built to feel the hill descend and hill hold controls respectively. River bed, which is built to show the power of Yeti on a rough road. Lastly, headlamp demonstration, which shows the movement of headlamps when cornering on the Yeti.

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