Mysterious Honda Civic Spied, Apparently A Type R?

Honda Civic went marking the clauses which others couldn’t have attained in this so called short term, is now spotted mysteriously in an all new avatar.

There aren’t enough theories for us to prove this Civic R Type car is an official work from the carmaker, or someone had did the stickering job on the bonnet and the rest of body.

In addition, the front fenders are also raising an alarm of the modification.

And if that wasn’t enough, the rear has an impressive diffuser, four exhaust pipes and a massive spoiler.

Mysterious Honda Civic Spied

Overall, the new Civic poses bright to all those gimmicks, but quite unsure whether this creation is from the official bay of automaker, or someone as an outsider had did this to challenge the Japanese designing theory.

Mysterious Honda Civic Spied Back View

Any guesses?

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