New Hyundai Small SUV Spied In India Will Rival Renault Duster

Hyundai very curious of exploring the compact SUV/crossover segment in India, has lined up numerous models to eat up the numbers that are now only allocated to the Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport and such. A new model has sprung up in the spy-shots from this country, which claims it to be the compact SUV of Hyundai codenamed as GS. They claim, this is the same model that was unveiled in 2014 Beijing auto show, which was then announced to be launched in India as well.

Measuring 4.27-mitres then at the show, the vehicle does not qualify for the small car norms of India, which says to be getting a tax benefit if the car measures under 4-metres. So, for that chopping job, the engineers must be working on it extensively, which in return will also bring the price benefits from the tax exemption.

A source from the industry said, engine deployed under its hood could be the 1.6-litre petrol and the 1.6-litre diesel engine of Verna, mated with the manual and automatic transmissions both.

New Hyundai Small SUV Spied In India Will Rival Renault Duster

However, the cosmetics cannot be known at this moment. But the source continue to comment further, the headlamps will be wraparound in nature, and that ix35, a SUV of Hyundai which is sold internationally, will be lending it cues like prominent air intake with fog lamps and more. The front grille will be of a new shape this time, whereas the number oriented Hyundai will provide the GS with 17-inch wheels for a SUV appearance.

As said, this carmaker loves to sell its car with the class-lading features and providing them in abundance, this model too isn’t an exception. High quality cabin can be expected, but not the 7-seater option. Only 5-seater trim will make way to the showrooms.

The focus of Hyundai remained Renault Duster, EcoSport, Suzuki’s upcoming S-cross (aka Alpha), Mahindra’s compact SUV, and more. With such huge favour for a compact SUV from the market, maker expects it to sell in the bracket of 4,000 units every month for an approximate intrusive price of Rs. 11-15 lakh.

Will there be such a demand for Hyundai compact SUV from a segment which is heavily burgeoned by the Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano? Feel free to say your expectations in the comments section below…

Image Courtesy: Autocar India

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