New KTM X-Bow all set to make debut at the Geneva Motor Show

A new KTM X-Bow, with more concentrate on on-road driving, will make its debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2013.

No authorized data is available, but the official pictures illustrate the KTM X-Bow GT boasts a wraparound windshield. Consequently, the vehicle will also have windshield wiper blades and a technique by which to heat it.

The new KTM X-Bow GT will also feature doors for the first time.

New KTM X-Bow GT

Power is expected to originate from the identical 237bhp 4-cylinder turbocharged Audi engine, coupled to a 6-speed gear case.

It is not presently known how the addition of the windscreen will have an effect on the standard vehicle’s aeromechanics that produces approximately 200 kilogram (kg) of downforce at 200 kilometers per hour (kmh).

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