New Mini Cooper Launched In India For Rs 31.85 Lakh

BMW launched new Mini in India. Reportedly, the company has launched two cars at a time which can be bifurcated as: three-door and five-door version.

The three-door version was available earlier too, but the one launched now is a refreshed trim that was unveiled globally during the recent past.

The five-door version launched is a practical car and seems the space-vying Indian audience may love it for the reason it offers numerous room for passengers as well as cargo. Though, on a practical note, this big Mini Cooper is still a bit tad on offering the space like other cars, but the company said to have retained that go-kart drive feel for it.

New Mini Cooper Launched In India For Rs 31.85 Lakh

Comparatively the three-door version is spacious than its predecessor.

Under the hoods, for India, both the cars come powered by a diesel engine as of now. A 1.5-litre twin-turbo engine of 114bhp and 270Nm of torque sends all the traction to front wheels via a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Basically, the third-gen Mini Cooper sits on the UKL platform and receives refinement on rear-suspension where front suspension is completely changed.

Hence, there are also several changes made on the exteriors and interiors. But car still retained its retro looks.

  • BMW has priced new Mini Coopers with the following prices:
  • Mini Cooper D 3-Door: Rs 31.85 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai
  • Mini Cooper D 5-Door: Rs 35.20 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai

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