New Nissan X-Trail is India bound

Nissan unveiled its new X-Trail at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor show somedays back. Now the Autocar India is claiming the same to be bounded for India too, which we had “firstly” confirmed on our portal when the spy-shots of next-gen X-Trail had appeared on web for the very first time.

Though, the new X-Trail was unveiled at the paddock of Germany, probably for the whole of Europe. We learnt it will do its Asian debut in Tokyo Motor Show too.

The new X-trail at Frankfurt has shown the brand curvy lines and seven-seat layout, unlikely which the present one that uses only boxy shapes and five-seat layout. Improved ‘ergonomics’ and ‘driveability’, are the two quotients which one can expect from this new Japanese SUV.

New X-Trail is the first car to be built on the Nissan’s new Common Module Family (CMF) platform. Most of its components are said to be dwelling the cost-effective paraphrase for the pricing to be maintained at an effective yet competitive level.

New Nissan X-Trail
We hope the AWD feature to also be made available in India, alongside the standard 2WD (front wheel drive) on this new vehicle. Chances are there for a switch-fly AWD system for some of the variants as well.

Our technical specifications of engines goes with the same ongoing 2.0-litre diesel unit form that of the present-gen X-Trail, with significant updates. A new 1.6-litre diesel unit also hover our list for exploring the bigger market segment. Meanwhile, option of Nissan’s X-tronic CVT auto transmission cannot be axed-off too from the list.

Lastly, Nissan CMF platform will also underpin upcoming 11 model plates of the brand. We expect some of them may land on our shores too, due to their cost-effective relevancy.

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