New Sub-4 Metre Ambassador Spotted Doing Test Rounds

Hindustan Motors plans to revitalize the old Ambassador. It will be one of the cars to launch at the 2012 Auto Expo in January. A camouflaged Ambassador was recently spotted with its enormous trunk now looking noticeably slimmer. Though the trunk was disguised, you could still make out the difference compared to the earlier versions.

With the shortened trunk of the car, the length is reduced to less than 4 meters and along with its earlier 1.5l diesel engine, the Ambassador will now qualify for a small car which will help it save almost Rs. 30,000 because of a reduced excise duty. Though the rear of the Ambassador is now noticeably trimmed, it still features the cars rounded hump.

The trunk is now more modest and should be sufficient enough for fitting in a few bags and a CNG cylinder. The car could also feature other minor designs, with the interiors getting an upgrade too. It is also expected to feature a retuned version of the earlier 1.5l diesel engine. The former engine provided a measly 35.5 bhp power and peak torque of 13.7kgm, and it is expected that Hindustan Motors will upgrade the engine significantly to increase its performance.

The car could also include a turbocharger for meeting the new emission standards when it will launch at the 2012 Auto Expo. The reduced excise duty benefit could also be passed to the customer; however it is yet to be seen if this will help to reverse the fortunes of the Ambassador.

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