New SUV from Force Motors to be Launched Soon

When you read Force Motors, you immediately picture tractors and other utility vehicles. Many of you probably don’t even know about its existence and if  you live in an urban area, then the Traveller is probably the only Force model you have ever come across. Force Motors is an Indian auto company which mainly produces utilitarian vehicles.

The company now hopes to change this, with their new SUV model, which they hope will help change the perception of buyers, like Scorpio did for Mahindra. Last December, we had covered about Force secretly building a new SUV model, which they hoped would change the company’s fortunes.

It now looks like the SUV will soon see the light of day and mark Force Motors’ first foray in the passenger car segment. While they haven’t revealed their product yet, spy shots of the new SUV point out that the model is apparently based on a little known Foday Guandong Explorer III Chinese SUV.

It is understood that Force Motors purchased the auto parts for the body, while sourcing the interiors from Thailand. The spy shots reveal a boxy shape which does not appear very appealing, falling short of the style standards that you would expect from today’s SUVs. Force Motors though hope to compensate for this by adding sturdy mechanics to their SUV.

The chassis is created of a strong C-in-C construction, featuring coil spring suspensions for the rear, whereas the front features a torsion bar set up. This model is powered by the Mercedes OM 611 providing 140bhp and a peak torque of 35kgm through a manual five speed transmission.

This turbo diesel 2.2 liter motor is the same one which powered the W210 E-Class during its 2000 launch. While the engine is now an entire generation old, it still manages to be compatible with the new Bharat Stage IV rules. The engine also promises to deliver better refinement and performance compared to Tata and Mahindra’s homegrown engines.

Though the engine is built by Force through its license with Mercedes, it is not yet clear, whether Mercedes will allow use of its brand name for the vehicle. As we had mentioned earlier, the handling and ride of the SUV were tuned by Lotus Engineering. It is currently in its sign-off stage before it begins production around June. The SUV will reportedly be priced somewhere between Rs 10 to 12 lakhs, and includes features like ABS and air bags.

43 thoughts on “New SUV from Force Motors to be Launched Soon

  1. Can any one tell me the launch date of this car as seems to be a good collection of all cars produced by Force motors yet now…

    I think now the car will bring the goodwill for force back in the market… what say guys???

    1. As per articles the Force SUV is supposed to be launched in June or july. No doubt that the SUV will bring back the goodwill for Force Motors as they have brought all the advanced technologies, 2.2 litre daimler chrysler engine licensed from Mercedes Benz, new-generation C in C chassis etc. in this coming SUV. Also as compared to other SUV the pricing is also very competitve (i.e. 10 ~ 12 Lacs).

  2. As per my contact in Force Motors this SUV is for Premium segment and price on road shall not be less than Rs. 15 lakhs in Mumbai and Bangalore market. It will be almost same for Delhi also.
    Who says it is cheap SUV. This will give head on to Mahindra’s W201 which will be available only in 2012.

    1. force motor ke gadheko samjao bahut unche kwab na dekhe ,tata aria ka kya hal hua?discountme bikti he..

      1. The OM 616 is the same which did duty on the Tempo Trax two decades back. I do not know whether it has been upgraded or not. The body of Trax was useless falling to rusting within 2-3 years of use. I hope the SUV does better than that.

  3. agar price band 8-10 lakhs rakha gaya to dhoom machayegi varna buri tarah pit jayegi kyuki 12-15 lakhs kharcha karna he to brand name suv me jaenge its not poppular brand name for car market.

  4. Given that the Force One is based on the Chinese Foday Explorer, and that it most probably uses a engine that is a decade old, a price above 13Lakh Rupees wouldn’t suffix it well. A recipe for disaster.

  5. may 1996 ka trax (town&country) ka user hu. maine 5 sal trax use ki hai ,i am happy. may ye car dekhana chahuga .9822700800

  6. force motors ka price aur launch date ka koi thik hai kya yeh announce pehle karte hai launch last me karte hai jab market saturate ho jati hai.inka price tata aur mahindra se bhi jayada hota hai aur badi gadion me yeh apne 3-wheeler ka light aur ignition key lagate hai……… so pehele customer ko sochana hoga ki woh 3-wheeler kharid raha hai ya suv,.

  7. i am working since 7 year in automobile. i know if price is between 8-10 lakhs. then its ok, else flop

  8. I experienced tht force motors have great force in selling the vehicle but NO FORCE for Service and spares after sales.Customers are highly tired by this kind of attitude


  10. iam happy that force motors are launching a suv with a reliable merc engine and chinese body panels and plasticky interiors,it will sell only if the on road prices are between 11 to 13 lakhs,but iam concerened about the after sales service because force motors do not have a strong dealer network.but overall iam excited and awaiting the launch

  11. I would like to suggest Force motors that they should improve their service after sale other wise they would not stay in compitative market.

  12. pls dont talk non sense. in inetial stage innova and swift was strugling now advance booking . all depand upon force startegy ……price ……….sale……….service………..hope force people have brain and they now people test…………..

  13. The new suv lunch by Force Motors Limited it is good news for me.
    spair part is a big problem. so please provied spair part in the market .

  14. Cheers to everyone for new BOMB ITEM SUV by Force Motors.
    This vehicle will explose all the other SUV’s and make an individual place in World market.

  15. Now Force Motors is expanding . Very good vehicle in STYLISH look , FORCE is the best for engine , gearbox & other technology .
    Good luck FML

  16. dont worry about light and ignition key and mirror ………..this all item should be always good and cost effactive ……..pls think for cheaper mantanance and good and simple technology so that like tata car we can get parts and mechanic in every street ……….we dont want … or skoda type complecated mantanance and costley parts ……….it should be pure desi car and cheap and best mentanance………..force company be care full in all angle ………..hope it will give compititon to scarpio and bolero

  17. i like this force pichere on site it is very beutiful& quete also.just care offer good service.i have 6 number force traveler in kerala poonkudy service very bad .

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