Next-Gen Tata Sumo To Be Based On Raptor Platform

It cannot be said well than this, “20 years and still going strong”, to mark the success of Tata Sumo. And even Tata Motors also believed the same way. Sumo which was rolled out in 1994 and since then it is successfully plying on the roads of India. It withstood all the odds of driving conditions, but now a source claimed there will be a new platform for the next-gen Sumo to cruise further.

Based on the account of a source, new Sumo will use a fresh platform dubbed as ‘Raptor’ that may also be used for other SUVs and MUVs of the range. Launch is expected to happen in 2018.

Unlike to any of the options available in the market, as they being based on the ladder-on-frame structure or monocoque, Tata Motors reported to build a new soldier of the terrain on a brand new technology of platforms called ‘Body Integrated Frame’.

Next-Gen Tata Sumo To Be Based On Raptor Platform

Going by the name, it suggests the frame will be integrated (or welded) into the chassis. This would allow company to choose between different types of structure for the cars build on the same platform, which will majorly save the cost and allow flexibility. For example, the carmaker can opt for the heavy and rugged structure if wished to go for the off-road vehicle, whereas a light body can also be the answer if meant to move with the soft-roader or car like vehicles – all based on that same platform.

Now, with regards to the next-gen Sumo, proportion of luggage space, ruggedness and value for money are bound to be retained, but with better fuel-economy, performance and lower weight.

And based on the Raptor, an all new family of affordable SUV as well as MUVs can be seen soon rolling off from the bay of Tata Motors.

Source: Autocar India

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