Nissan Evalia/NV200 to be Sold as Barcelona Cab

Initially, it was the Japanese market, the United States market and the United Kingdom market, now it’s the turn of the Spanish market.

Nissan has rolled out the Nissan NV200, named as the Nissan Evalia in the Indian market and the e-NV200 model, in Barcelonan on November 22nd.

The Nissan NV200 and the e-NV200 were exhibited as Barcelona’s next-gen taxi as forerunners for zero emission vehicles in the Spanish market.

Nissan Evalia NV200 to be Sold as Barcelona Cab
Present during the launching time were Mr. Xavier Trias, mayor of Barcelona; Francisco Sauco, Fleet and Commercial Vehicle manager at Nissan Iberia Jordi Vila; Fleet and Commercial Vehicle general manager at Nissan Europe as well as Antoni Vives, deputy mayor of Barcelona.

At first, the company’s popular vehicle Nissan NV200/Evalia was rolled out in the Japanese and European market in 2009 and has since then been introduced to more than 40 nations comprising the Indian market.

The company has marketed more than 135,000 vehicle units of the Evalia since its commencement, internationally.

In addition, the city of New York has also declared the NV200 as its exclusive next-gen taxi. In actual fact, the concept form of the popular vehicle has even been revealed with a dream to put back UK’s renowned ‘black cab’.

As far as proposals for the vehicle concept go, Nissan has invested around 100 million pounds for the idea that will be created at the Zona Franca facility in Barcelona, commencing late nest year.

The course is anticipated to assist the community by producing over 700 jobs for the local residents.

Coming back to the vehicle, the cars Barcelona Taxi model will be obtainable for sale commencing 2nd January, next year.


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