Nissan India To Go With Smaller Outlets For Datsun

Nissan aggression of penetrating the masses had taken another turn. To evolve with a far more better results, especially from the Datsun, it has started an altogether a new concept of showrooms.

With big sales floor note delivering the carmaker’s its desired results, company has now resorted to smaller selling bays across India. The automaker claims, Datsun is poorly known in India, where to put that precisely in numbers only 1 out of 10 are aware about it. The aforesaid move is reported of proving better results for Datsun.

It’s obviously the Tier II and Tier III cities getting such an example of small showrooms. Believably, the brand had already opened 10 such stores in India where they push the Datsun on priority, whereas Nissan cars take the backseat. President of Nissan India, Mr. Guillaume Sicard, had claimed of opening 100 such outlets till 2016.

Nissan India To Go With Smaller Outlets For Datsun

In total, company has brought to affirmation the brand will have 160 outlets as compared to 125 of now. Adding further excitement, he added, a new car is also under development in alliance with Renault, which would use the CMF-A platform (common module family).

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