Nissan Micra Nismo is under evaluation for the Indian market

Micra has proved to be a very successful car for Nissan but it did not see any success in the Indian market since 2010. In case you wondering why this hatchback is not picking up in India despite so many efforts then I do have an answer. But first answer this question- is Nissan Micra offering great specifications? I am sure most you have replied with an approving nod. Now answer this – is Nissan Micra cute? I am sure most of you have replied with a positive nod to this as well.

This is exactly the problem with Micra. In spite of it being a great car in every sense, it lacks the robustness of a vehicle. I am not being biased but this car has a feminine, soft look which does not go with the male population very well. This is seriously curbing its sales in India, a male dominated nation ( no offences).

The male buyers can rejoice now. Autocar India has recently reported that Nissan Micra is getting an all new makeover that will add to the robustness of the car. The new facelifted car will be called Micra Nismo. This new look has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the male fraternity. Micra Nismo offers great sporty look adding to the character.

Nissan Micra Nismo
The car gets new angular headlamps which sweep backwards into the hood. The bonnet is endorsing more pronounced creases. The bumper as well the lower air vents have been redesigned to give an aggressive look to the car. The grille has also been redesigned offering a masculine look. The tail lamp has been treated with LED. The wheels too have received an alloy design.

The interiors largely remain unchanged. The purpose of such an upgrade was to refine the look. When it comes to the interiors, the car has been acceptable from the start. Talking about the cabin, it now gets a new dashboard. To kill the monotony of the grey interiors, the centre console has been wrapped in black glossy shine with a touch of silver. The music player gets the AUX-in as well as USB facility.

Nissan Micra Nismo interiors

The car is offering 2 engine options. First is a 3 cylinder, petrol engine that has a 1.2 litre capacity offering a power output of 75 bhp. Second is a 4 cylinder diesel engine with a 1.5 litre capacity having an output of 63 bhp. Both models offer a 5 speed transmission, although Micra Nismo has been equipped with a CVT gear box which offers a continuously varying transmission.

This new Micra Nismo has still not been approved for an Indian launch. Nissan India is trying hard to get a green signal for its launch. Looking at the previous sales track for Micra, Nissan will surely consider a lot of factors before launching another Micra variant in India. If it is launched, it will cost around Rs 8 lacs to Rs 9 lacs.

Nissan Micra Nismo Back View

Nissan has recently launched an upgraded Micra as well as Nissan Micra Active to increase the public appeal of the, not so successful, car. With most of the drawbacks taken care of with Micra Nismo, the car might improve its sales in India.

Source: Autocar India

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