Nissan Motor India Unveils Nissan SUNNY

Nissan Motor India recently unveiled their SUNNY premium vehicle in the mid-size category in India. The car will hit Indian roads as the festive season begins. The vehicle name has been in use since its first use in Japan back in 1966. The current Nissan SUNNY, which is in its tenth generation, is based on popular (Versatile) V-platform, which is also used for the Micra. This car is fine tuned and designed for meeting the different needs and tastes of their customers beyond their market segmentation in emerging markets like India and China, and developing markets like US.

The car also appeals to a bigger buyer range including families and professionals that have a young mindset. The exterior design of the vehicle is quite refreshing and is both aerodynamic and sophisticated.

The CEO and MD of the company, Kiminobu Tokuyama, was quoted as saying that with the unveiling of the Nissan SUNNY, they have reinstated their seriousness in their Indian business operations. It also reiterates that they are moving according to schedule with their launches.

The Nissan SUNNY is a luxury saloon car that is design at the Nissan Motor and Nissan Design headquarters.

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