Nissan Sells 1,632 Units in June Boosted Largely by Micra Sales

Nissan recently posted a surge in their sales for the month of June. The company managed to clock in 1,632 units sold, boosted mainly by the sales of their Micra car. In the same period last year, the company had managed to sell just 77 models, according to the company.

The first model that the company manufactured at their facility in Chennai, the Micra hatchback, was the main sales driver, selling around 1,069 models of the overall 1,632 models last month.

The other models sold included the Teana sedan, the 370Z sports model and the lifestyle SUV X Trial. So far, Nissan managed to sell more than 16,688 models of the Micra in the Indian auto market, since it was launched back in July last year, and continues exports to other markets as well.

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