Nissan to roll out 10 models in India including its Datsun Brand by 2016

Nissan proposes to roll out 10 fresh car models in the Indian market by the next four year period (2016), as it enhances its concentration on rising markets.

The novel launches would consist of innovative vehicles from its Datsun array.

Japanese auto manufacturer is renovating its Datsun brand three decades after holding over the brand, which assisted form its United States biz. Datsun made entry in the Japanese market in the year 1932, and hit US showrooms over 50 years back. It was discontinue dinter nationally commencing in the year 1981 to coalesce the model array under the Nissan brand. Nissan also fabricates Infiniti luxury models.

Nissan to roll out 10 models in India including its Datsun Brand by 2016

India would be one of the 3 market zones where Datsun will be available for sale by the year 2014.

The company is eyeing atflouri shing its production capacitance in the Indian market, either via novel facilities or the subsisting facility at Chennai.

The company is directing at approximately 8 per cent market share world wide and it proposes to roll out 51 new models internationally by the nexy four years period.

Nissan Motor Co Corporate Vice-President (Africa, Middle East and India) Toru Hasegawa stated that growth in rising market zones, BRICS is key to attain this objective of 8 per cent worldwide market share.

India is a major market for the company and they will roll out 10 new carsby the next four year period i.e. the company will launch two new models each year.

Nissan is aiming to hold 60 per cent of its overall worldwide sales from rising markets by the year 2016 as compared to just 40 per cent in the year 2006-07.

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