Official! Mercedes Benz Eyeing Performance Volume Cars

Hypercars aren’t the next big things, says Mercedes-Benz. Instead, the performance-volume market is the best option to go with at the moment, confirms AMG CEO Tobias Moers to one of our source. He believes the successor to AMG GT is apparently the one side of game, but Mercedes is nowadays more focused on the volume players that will speak of brand on the road with every unit sold.

As per to him, the visibility lend by the volume products cannot be complemented by those that are build only 100 units a year and are sold to the niche. These cars also lack the visibility of the brand in market unlike the conventional AMG daily horses that does the talking everyday to the admirers and coveys more of Mercedes to them.

Official Mercedes Benz Eyeing Performance Volume Cars

Moers further added, a higher performance variant (like Black Series) can be expected for the dose of next AMG GT, but a precise rival to hypercars like McLaren P1, 918 Spyder, LaFerrari and such are probably ruled out.

However, with the changing times, Mercedes seemed to have taken the right step in the right direction. Hence, we are glad to know what Audi with Quattro and BMW with M are going to take onto in the coming times as against the Benz.

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