First car from the Indiandrives garage sold

Come one day or the other we just keep on harping how is the best automotive portal in India (and now even gunning for the world scene) but then words don’t do justice here. Time has come to actually show the world the figures that this 5 month old website has done which many of the websites in India wouldn’t even think of. Now you would call it as “blowing your own trumpet” but then there is the proof of why we are so proud of the Indiandrives website.

Most of the automobile websites would just put up reviews and other things which we already are doing. In addition, they would also put up names of dealers that you can visit and purchase a new or used car from but will any website have its own inventory? We don’t think so and with this very idea, we are starting up our very own inventory within a few days. There would be about 20 cars listed for starters and within 2 months more than 100 cars would be part of the inventory. These cars would go through certain point checks before been listed in our inventory. Moreover, they would carry a 6 month warranty tag on the engine and transmission from our end. In addition, there would be many goodies that would be offered to prospective buyers. Well, that is for the near future.

For the present, another milestone that we have achieved is selling the first used car from the Indiandrives portal. Yes, it was a used car which was listed by a dealer on our website and within 3 days of it been listed, one of the followers of our website contacted the dealer and brought the 2004 Honda City Exi . We have attached some pictures for your reference here. As they say, “This is just the tip of the iceberg”. Wait and watch how the portal is elevated to the next level.

Ford Figo to be exported from India


Every other day, after Tata Motors, the only other manufacturer to constantly stay in news is the Detroit based Ford Motors. Ford Motors India Limited have tasted big time success with their small, made for India car, the Ford Figo. Now plans are on to make India the global small car hub and to start exporting the Ford Figo to other parts of the world.

Ford India have taken a leaf out of its Korean rival, Hyundai Motors and plans to capitalize on the exports to rake in more volumes. The markets where the Figo is likely to be exported are Carribean, North Africa, Mexico and Middle east. Michael Boneham, Ford India’s President and Managing Director recently said that they plan to keep India as the sole production hub for the Figo as of now. As part of a trial, the company is expecting to ship about 1200 units of the Figo to Mexico. After the initial response is gauged, Ford would ship more cars to other parts of the world as well. Currently Ford does ship the Fiesta sedan from India to other countries. Inspite of their “One Ford” strategy which is been adopted from this year, the company says the new 2011 Fiesta would now be produced and exported from India and the Thailand exports would be relegated to oblivion. Michael Boneham further added that the Indian market has been very supportive of the Figo small car and plans are on to slot a smaller car on the same Figo platform.

This small car would hit Maruti, Tata and Hyundai below the belt when it comes to the entry level compact car market. It would have features galore plus Ford’s typical traits like ride, handling and responsive engines. Plans are onto launch this car by 2013 during which Ford would have enough time to incorporate newer technologies coming its way.

Government and SIAM lock horns

It has been duly noted that in the current Union budget provisions that Completely Knocked Down units or CKD units would have the same duties as Completely Built Units (CBUs) been brought in. This has created a furor in the automobile sectors with majority of the luxury car manufacturers in India relying on the CKD route and accordingly pricing their products. CKD units only attract basically an extra 40% duties however the CBU units attract 105% duties.

Vishnu Mathur, SIAM’s Director-General talks are going on with the Government’s financial body and there are hopes that the government would take heed of the automobile industry’s needs. He further added that were it not to happen, the foreign companies would be very reluctant to introduce their new products in India and moreover, after a few years, they might even pull out of India. The Government on the other hand, wants to provide employment to Indian people and hence want the engines, transmission and chassis to be assembled here rather than being imported. But the catch lies in the fact that all the foreign products don’t rake in good numbers as to allocate a manufacturing line for them here in India. Due to theirs been a low volume product, most of the foreign companies prefer to bring in completely built units or rather ship them in parts and assemble them in India.

German luxury car maker has already voiced their concern over the same and have even thrown a veiled threat to the Government of India. Audi said that they would actually limit their investments in India and as discussed earlier, even pack their bags and leave the country in a few years. Audi’s chief for global sales, Peter Schwarzenbauer mentioned that if the government is thinking on a short term strategy, then it should be fine however if it is for a long term planning, then all plans would go awry and it would mean more and more foreign companies pulling out of the Indian market. Hike in the duties would mean price hike of over Rs10 lakhs for each of the luxury car makers products.

2011 Global Ford Fiesta in India test drive

I have been harping about the 2011 Ford Fiesta in India in almost every alternate news that has been posted here. Well, the time has finally come in for some action now. The action relates to the test drive of the 2011 Ford Fiesta and that too here in India. This was a test mule that I actually managed to wrench out from one of my associates in Ford India. Things finally are falling into place with Ford for their Indian operations. The reason behind the same is that Ford have adopted their “One Ford” campaign in India as well. The new 2011 Ford Fiesta that we have in India here is the same one that is available all over the world now. Mind you, this car comes with some rave reviews especially in Europe. I believe that we are the first ones to go in for the test drive of this brilliant vehicle. A review for the same would follow on later for the 2011 Ford Fiesta in India. Check on Road Price

First about the looks. Well, it is not similar to the Fiesta available in India now. If anyone tells you that both are same, then just slap them and ask them what similarity do they see, other than the Blue Oval logo. “Kinetic Design” philosophy that Ford speaks about, has been adopted in this car. The head lamps are shaped in the form of an Arabian dagger whereas the nose of this car resembles the one from the older generation Ford Focus. The gaping grille with those chrome accented fog lamps in the bumper reek of a class which was unfound in the previous Ford Fiesta version. The wing mirrors carry the turn indicators on them and the 15 inch wheels add a dash of spice to the design. The rear slopes much like in a coupe and blends seamlessly into the well sculpted boot. Speaking of the boot, it resembles the Kammback one from the Toyota Prius or more so like the Honda FCX Clarity. In Europe, Ford sell the hatchback version of the Fiesta with the same nose. The tail lamps are split by the chunky looking boot lid and the reflectors find their way to the lower bumper. The tail pipe unfortunately is hidden from view. Ever seen Ken Block going on doing his antics? If yes, then the car you have seen is most probably the Ford Fiesta hatchback.

Like the radical exteriors, the interiors have also changed very much. Gone is the staid flat look found inside the old Fiesta and in comes a Civic rivaling space age interiors. The first time, I saw it, I felt like it was actually the interiors of the Ford F150 truck. It is so lavish. There is the Sync like system which Ford affords to give to its American customers. Sync is basically the pairing of the Bluetooth with the phone’s. First the steering wheel. It is a small contoured unit and much like the one found in the Honda Civic. It has now got steering mounted controls. Though the steering felt a bit in my face, it was adjustable and finding the correct position wasn’t a problem. Moreover the front seats were extremely supportive and viola, now I also have a dead pedal. Upon touching the surface of the dashboard, a soft German kind of feeling was creeping up on me but then that immediately vanished once I got to touch the lower door pads and below the dashboard. Those materials felt cheap and hard. The 2011 Ford Fiesta in India now gets the automatic climate control, a wonderful single CD changer music system which has got the go to match the show and also various other features. The wing shaped central console would take any one’s fantasy. The hooded instrument binnacle would feature in next after the Honda Civic’s for its desirability factor. There is a multi information display between the two hoods and on the central portion of the dashboard, a large display screen provides for various other information. Unfortunately there aren’t too many storage spaces and what I felt was a case of “form taking over function”. Cut to the rear seat and here too you would be disappointed as the 2011 Ford Fiesta in India hasn’t rectified its predecessor’s weak point. The new Ford Fiesta provides for better seating materials but taller passengers like me would be hard pressed to find more head room as also leg room. Boot space is at par with the competition.

Global Ford Fiesta Photo Gallery

[nggallery id=95]

From the short drive I had with this car, it seems that the new class bench mark in India as far as the ride and handling parameter goes, would be the new 2011 Ford Fiesta. The delightful steering wheel tickled me to no end with its perfect feel at the city and highway speeds. It is electronically assisted as well. The car’s suspension is tuned to be on the softer side however the chassis is what makes all the difference here. It is borrowed from the Mazda 2 platform and is called the B2E in company speak. Mazda cars are said to be as enjoyable as BMWs in North America. The chassis is made up of higher tensile steel and Boron. However the chassis is overall light in construction and this reflects in the short drive that I had. The suspension soaks up everything thrown in its path. NVH is well damped but after nearing the 5,000 rpm mark, the Ford lets out a raspy note.

As far as the engine configurations are go, the 2011 Ford Fiesta in India would get two new engines. It is also said that the existing engines wouldn’t be offered for the new Fiesta. The variant that I had with me had a 1.6 liter petrol engine, the same one which is in the Fiesta S version. It now makes 120 Bhp of peak power and is mated with a 5 speed manual transmission. The reason for the increase in power is by the use of variable valve timing. The diesel version is rumored to be a 1.6 liter motor producing 90 Bhp. It will also have a 5 speed manual transmission. An automatic is also said to be on the anvil. The manual gear box is super responsive as also is the 1.6 petrol engine. I couldn’t time the runs that I had in the car but expect 0-100 kmph times of 10 seconds or even lesser. Top speed would also be in the region of 180 kmph. Brake feel however left a lot to be desired. The soft pedal feel doesn’t go down well with the car’s performance. Discs at front coupled with drums at the rear, EBD and ABS handle the braking department. Height adjustable seat belts with pretensioners, 2 air bags, collapsible steering wheel and side intrusion beams complete the set of safety features in this car. As far as fuel efficiency goes, expect the new Fiesta to return around 12 kmpl in city and 16 kmpl on the highway with crude oil running through its engine.

As far as the 2011 Ford Fiesta in India test drive is concerned, I am really happy that I got to check out this car. If you are single and would occasionally carry friends around, then the 2011 Ford Fiesta would be the best sedan. It would satisfy the boy racer in you plus behave sensibly when the occasion demands for it. But then the exteriors don’t actually look too good. This is my personal opinion. However unanimously, the interiors would win over everyone looking at it. Want to own this car straight away? Unfortunately the only thing other than the specifications of the diesel variant that Ford India refused to divulge, was the launch date of this car here. Expect prices to start from Rs 6.5 lakhs for the base petrol and going all the way upto Rs 10 lakhs for the top end diesel version. Mind you, these are only estimates and the prices would only be disclosed at the launch of the vehicle.

Debate between Electric and Hydrogen powered vehicles

The world is shrieking about the automobile industry’s dependence on fossil fuels and hereby depleting them to the core. We all are aware that one day, the reserves would be completely eliminated and we would have to give the future generation just pictures of petrol or diesel. Seriously, considering the rising costs of fuel, most of the car owners would prefer to take public transport rather than their private vehicles. But then scientists have found out various other alternative fuels such as electricity and hydrogen. But then the discussion rages as to which fuel is better in terms of sustainability, being realistic and most importantly cost effective. Here I have actually listed out a few points to differentiate the same.


Electric vehicles : It is said that with improved infrastructure and high end R&D, the electric vehicle’s battery system would be so developed that it would, in the end, be a cost effective proposition. Moreover, the government subsidy would also help lower down the price of these cars. Pay as you go electric points with faster charging access would help motivate most to go in for electric vehicles.

Hydrogen vehicles : Hydrogen has a better range than most of the Electric vehicles but this doesn’t translate to a lower asking price for the vehicle. It is almost priced at par with the electric vehicles, if not more. Hydrogen technology is been adopted to be taken out from wind and solar energy rather than the natural gas that is been used now. For Hydrogen, one has to set up pumps for the same and the cost would be slightly more than a similar electric vehicle charging point would cost.


Electric vehicles : In Europe, most of the countries have put up charging points in almost every street. Many of the companies setting these up sell them at a subsidized rate in their hometown but charge a premium from others. For electric vehicles, there is also a range extender that increases the distance that can be covered but then these are also very expensive. Moreover, if one stays in an apartment block, how can one charge their vehicle? This is the biggest hurdle coming up in the way of EVs.

Hydrogen vehicles : This technology can still be called as in its nascent stages and hence there aren’t many Hydrogen fuel stations supporting these vehicles. The only vehicles that I know, which are Hydrogen powered are the Mercedes Benz F cell and the Honda FCX Clarity. Mercedes as well as other manufacturers following suit have promised that by 2015, they would produce about 1 lakh cars between them. However the Hydrogen fuel stations would have to be double the amount of cars to make any serious impact in the sales quotient.


Electric vehicles : The future for electric vehicles would mean volume, efficiency, cost, NVH, power, torque, modularity of components and scalability. The future looks bright for Electric vehicles as they would be popular due to the rising fuel prices hounding one and all. Environmental awareness also plays a key part in the same with more and more of the people becoming environment conscious. Electric vehicles are seen as the latest technology things in the automobile industry and hence most of the car buying public would love to be seen in them.

Hydrogen vehicles : Temperature, reliability and quality would be the major factors on which the Hydrogen vehicles industry would concentrate on. If the vehicles are mass produced, obviously the costs would come down and they would be deemed more acceptable by the car buying public. Since Hydrogen is distributed in both compressed as also the liquid form, it is significantly pricier as special pipelines have to be developed for it.

The debate would continue but then I am happy that in the end, it would be us, the automobile buyers who would benefit from this debate. Manufacturers would vie with one another over this things and in the end, we would get cheaper, cleaner and vehicles with a better range than what is been currently offered. The Government of India has also announced in the recently concluded budget session that there would be more of cess for the Electric vehicle industry. Kudos to that.

400 orders for Maruti Kizashi in a month

Maruti Suzuki India Limited seems to have hit the right spot with the Maruti Kizashi finally. The doubts that the company as also the general motoring scribes had about the Indian audience accepting the first big car from Maruti Suzuki in the sedan segment.Within a month of its launch, the Maruti Kizashi has raked in 400 confirmed bookings and runs into a 3 months waiting period. Moreover, the deliveries for this luxurious sedan would start from tomorrow.

Mr R C Bhargava, the Maruti Suzuki Chairman was quoted as saying that overall the company is very happy with the response from the Kizashi as the company had to face disappointment earlier on with the Maruti Grand Vitara. Since the Kizashi doesn’t boast of a diesel power plant at the moment whereas all of its competition boasts of one, the 400 bookings really is a point of elevation. The Kizashi, he said that straddles both the A4 and the A5 segment wherein cars like Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord compete with it.

Since the Kizashi is a CBU unit, apprehensions about its price point were taken into consideration and Maruti have already ordered about 350 more units from the facility in Japan. More and more of the Kizashi models are now up in Maruti Suzuki show rooms for display and the car buying public sure is taking a fantasy to this car. The company is mum about the prospects of a diesel power plant for the Kizashi as of now. Even internationally, the Kizashi doesn’t have a diesel power plant. However seeing the rising demand in India for petrol prices, the company may be prompted to check out the diesel option very soon.

More and more customer now eyeing the Sedan segment

The demand for small cars would never cease since the automobile sector has been pricing them cleverly overall. However the trend seems to have shifted to the hatchback’s booted variants. An emerging trend has been noted that more and more people who have booked hatchbacks are now canceling those bookings and going for the base version of the sedans. Well the efforts from the salesperson cannot be ignored in this context as well. Sedans carry a higher level of incentives for the salesperson and hence they always prefer to go for it. Major players like Maruti, Tata Motors and Hyundai have noted this sales trend.

The cost difference between the top end model hatchback and base variant of the sedan is mostly Rs 70,000 or at the most Rs 1 lakhs. This roughly translates to about Rs 1,200 – 1,700 for the EMIs and that too for a 5 year loan on a sedan, something which most of the buyers can adjust to. Buying a sedan means higher prestige value and hence most buyers get readily converted for the same. Maruti dealers are vocal with their opinion that most Swift buyers end up buying the base version or the Lxi variant of the Swift Dzire. Around 10  percent of Tata Motors’ sales of the Indigo sedan are converted from customers opting for the Indica Vista. To make a sale, most of the sales people thrown in additional dealer goodies. Hyundai dealers convert most of the Hyundai i20 or Hyundai i10 orders to Hyundai Verna or Hyundai Accent sales.

Mercedes G55 AMG in India test drive

India’s first luxury car maker, Mercedes Benz India Limited had recently launched the Mercedes G55 AMG in India. The Mercedes G55 AMG, the first time when I saw it actually got an expression of “Are you sure that is a Mercedes” expression on everyone present at the unveiling. To be true, it was more like a Tata Sumo with a Mercedes badge on it. Never imagined that this beast is afterall a “Mercedes”. The reality of the facts took some time to sink in. One can say that is the Dr Hyde version of the Mercedes G class sold in India now. The very say that this car was launched in India, we had requested Mercedes for a test drive of the same but then Mercedes had politely made it a point to defer the test drive date. So, finally got my hands on the Mercedes G55 AMG in India for a test drive. No review, sorry. Check on Road Price

The Glendwagen as it is called everywhere is a true military vehicle as the tradition says. Unfortunately, it attracts as much attention as a modified Tata Sumo would attract. Out on the road, people were oblivious to its presence and all my hopes of getting attention like what people usually get in a Mercedes, were quashed. Do you really want me to go into the looks section? Okay, wish granted. The ground clearance of this SUV is more than the Tata Sumo and with the front bull bar, supported by two plastic claddings. Apart from that the center of attraction is the 3 pointed star in the middle of the chrome grille and those circular head lamps flanking it. The air dam looks similar to an AC vent from the Sumo. The miniscule fog lamps are placed in the lower bumper. The side profile brings back memories of the Mahindra Bolero. Ohh, the turn indicators are placed atop the bonnet. Truly retro, eh! The 275/55 R19 tyres were truly humongous and befitting the SUV. Somehow, my personal opinion, the build quality felt only a tad better than the Mahindra Bolero’s. Mind you, I am yet to step into the interiors. Those protruding hinges and all make it look very odd, especially with a Mercedes badge. One more thing of notice was the tail pipes peeping at everyone from the side of the SUV. There are four in all. Two on each side.The rear is nothing much to speak about with a small glass area and inverted wiper, with those ugly hinges again supporting the door frame. Tail lamps are mounted on the lower bumper with the single reversing light even lower. The spare tyre sits on the rear door.

The interiors are what would separate the Merc from the Sumos and Boleros that I have made reference to in this article. The dirty muddy brown color used for almost all of the Mercedes car interiors is the prevailing theme here as well. The steering wheel is a new unit unlike the other Mercedes ones that  I am used to. It gets fat buttons for the audio, cruise and Bluetooth controls. It is a 4 spoke unit partly covered by leather and partly by wood. The seats are 6 way adjustable and have typical comfort that Mercedes cars exude. The meter dials are also typical Merc units but with an unknown finesse. I would rather backtrack on my statements about the build quality as the interiors are fantastically put together. Comfort has been elevated in the front seats but the back seats do really take a back seat as far as comfort goes. Being a 6 footer, I found it hard enough not to brush my knees against the front seats. Head room is adequate but shoulder room is also a bit tight. The boot space is a useful 480 liters which increases to 2262 litres of space once the rear seats are flopped down. Interesting enough.

The Mercedes G55 AMG in India is not a soft roader but a true brute of an SUV. I only had 5 minutes to check its off-roadability and the car was more poised in the mud rather than on the road. It has got, a world’s first, three lockable differentials. This combined with the sheer muscle of the engine were enough to power me out of one particularly sticky patch. The only problem is that quad exhausts on the sides. They are a bit lower than my liking and I am sure where a Land Rover would just move out of the mud patch, with the Mercedes G55 AMG in India, it would be a problem as those silencers may get grounded. Speaking of the exhaust systems, they have been tuned by AMG to deliver the sporty growl that a sports car would produce. At part throttle speeds, the car displays its V8 muscle. Screech it to the redline and it would have that extra sports car thrill that you always desired, but from an SUV, no way. Its behavior on the road is a slightly nervous affair. Its tyres provide immense grip but then they wouldn’t satisfy the cornering enthusiasts. It has got body roll but in limited proportions and certainly not expected from such a tall SUV. The suspension is on the stiffer side and this means lower speed bumps get amplified but not overtly uncomfortable. Speed up things and everything feels well planted. The steering wheel has more locks that even Godrej can think of and it is devoid of feel as well.

The engine in the Mercedes G 55 AMG in India is a 5.5 liter V8 unit which pumps out 507 Bhp of peak power at 6100 rpm whereas the peak torque of 700 Nm comes in between 2750 – 4000 rpm. No, its not a diesel engine but a petrol unit tuned by AMG. It is mated with a 5 speed auto transmission. The transmission is silky smooth and is one of the best transmissions in the Mercedes stable other than the 7 speed ZF one. Since it was a 30 minutes test drive, I could actually time the performance figures. The 0-100 kmph run was achieved in a scarcely believable 6.1 seconds. The run actually made people passing close by watch in awe as if a supercar just passed by them. I am sure more than the exhaust note would have made them think of the same. I couldn’t check out the top speed however. But a certain Mercedes engineer present told me that it has an electronically limited top speed of 215 kmph. Come to think of it, it has got a 2.5 tonne kerb weight. Brakes were also highly effective and they were aided by the usual four channel ABS, EBD, traction control and ESP. For the safety thing, there are 4 air bags, side impact beams, seat belt pretensioners, panic alarm, security system and also tracker system. There is also a reverse camera provided. Very useful in this car, I would say.

It been an AMG and all, expect the mileage figures to be in single digits for both the city and highway runs.

Test drive done and now time for some analysis. If you are looking at sheer performance plus off roading capability, then look no further than the Mercedes G55 AMG in India. It gives a rush that no 2.5 tonnes vehicle can give you. Moreover, its off roading capability is legendary. So if you own a farm house somewhere near Chikmagalur and want to reach there faster and in proper shape, then the Mercedes G55 would be the best bet. That is only if you can look past its looks, which wouldn’t give you the second glances that every Mercedes warrants. One more thing that you cannot ignore is that the Mercedes G55 AMG price in India starts at Rs 1.1 crores ex-show room. I had actually heard one of my fellow scribes repeatedly asking me if the price was right and my answer was a patient yes. Now, if you have enough moolah, then go and buy yourself one fast as Mercedes are going to sell this SUV in limited numbers here.

Deals for the month of March 2011

Yes, we are back with the sizzling deals that car manufacturers are bringing in the month of March 2011 for the Indian buyers. Listed below are some of the major players of the game who are offering deals to entice the buyers into show rooms.

General Motors:

The General is offering a cash discount on its slow selling model, the Chevrolet Aveo. It is reported that the company is offering a discount on all its 1.4 and 1.6 models. The cash discount which is worth Rs 30,000 is something wherein which one doesn’t have to forsake the 3 years free maintenance package that GM offers. Now, that what we call a real deal.

Mahindra and Mahindra:

Ahead of the launch of the W201 SUV, Mahindra and Mahindra are giving discounts on its failed joint venture car, the Mahindra Logan. Discounts of as much as Rs 20,000 is been offered on the petrol variants of this car. The diesel variants however don’t enjoy this benefits. A slightly face lifted Logan is on the cards soon and without the Renault badge.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited:

The country’s largest car maker is all set to offer its much loved hatchback, the Maruti Ritz with a discount of Rs 33,0000. There is a cash discount of Rs 21,000 whereas if you plan to exchange your existing car, the discount stretches to another Rs 12,000. This discount applies across the entire range of Ritz cars.

Tata Motors:

For the Tata Indica Vista, Tata Motors is offering an exchange bonus of Rs 10,000 and also free insurance worth of Rs 17,000. This makes it a total package of Rs 27,000. The Indica Vista is a competent hatchback and would definitely benefit from this magnamity from the company. The Tata Sumo Grande is the other model on which, across the entire range, one gets a discount of Rs 10,000.


Europe’s largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen, in India is offering their Volkswagen Jetta car with a discount. The reason for this generous thought from the company is because the older Jetta is all set to be replaced by a new one shortly. Dealers are offering upto Rs 75,000 off on all the variants. The breakup for the amount is Rs 60,000 off for the insurance for the first year followed by a Rs 15,000 navigation system for free or even a cash discount for the same amount. Roughly this comes to 5 percent of the vehicle’s on road price. We at Indiandrives feel that this is the right time to go in for the Volkswagen Jetta even though a replacement for the same is already on the cards. Due to the discounts that one would be getting now, if you plan to sell the car later on, its relatively lower resale value would be negated somewhat.

Classic Fiesta to replace the Ford Ikon

With the impending launch of the new Ford Fiesta in India, the older Fiesta would be relegated into the oblivion. It is said that Ford India would persist with the production of the old Fiesta for some time as they did with the Ford Ikon. The older Fiesta would only be sold in one base trim level. Ford is doing this with the view of creating a gap between the Fiesta and the new Fiesta. The older Fiesta would be renamed as the Fiesta Classic. The Ford Ikon would be discontinued altogether (check out once the new Fiesta is launched. Expect heavy discounts on the Ikon before it is phased out altogether. Also those looking to buy the Fiesta Classic can also hold onto their horses for the time being as it will also bring in heavier discounts later on and probably would be available at the price of the Ford Ikon.

On the same lines, Ford India buoyed by their success of the small car model, the Ford Figo is thinking of launching a smaller car than the Figo in India. For the very same purpose, Ford India had checked out the platform of one of their Chinese partners, Changan Automobiles but then the platform didn’t conform to Ford’s high quality standards. As of now, the platform is on hold. Watch out this space for more information on the same later.