Piaggio, Mahindra and Polaris to bring in rivals to the Bajaj RE60

The Indian government has given the go ahead to country’s leading two wheeler manufacturing company Bajaj Auto Limited for its quadricycle RE60. Though the quadricycle segment is new for India, still expectations are that different makers will soon be joining in. According to industrial sources, the introductory price could be around Rs 1.5 lakhs excluding permit cost of different states.

Accordingly, Bajaj Auto Limited has not revealed its plans yet but is working for the official launch of the RE60 4-Wheeler. As this is a totally new concept for India Bajaj is making sure they do not leave any stone unturned as they want the Bajaj RE60 to blend into the market.

Mr. R. C. Maheshwari, Bajaj Auto Limited Head Commercial Vehicles, has also cleared that the production schedule will be decided after seeing the acceptance graph.

Piaggio, Mahindra and Polaris to bring in rivals to the Bajaj RE60
With companies like Tata Motors, Polaris, Mahindra and Mahindra and Piaggio expected to share the quadricycle space, Bajaj is sure it’s not going to be the sole launcher in India. For this their Aurangabad plant is ideal as it has the facility to produce 200 units of RE60 per day with 5,000 unit output monthly, which looks like the company is all set to enter the quadricycle segment.

Even the world renowned All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) manufacturer Polaris’s Indian arm Managing Director Polaris India, Pankaj Dubey, has revealed the companies intension of joining the segment stating this company is seeing the potential liability of launching a quadricycle in India. As they already have a good stand in Europe where this vehicle is used mainly for recreational purpose, commenting on the April report this year of Polaris accusing Firm AM Holding maker of Aixam Mega quadricycles he cleared the company does not need any clarifications in policy for which vehicle to be launched.

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited has also showed that its desire to make foray in the segment but it is not so easy for them. Even though they lead as utility manufacturers, as neither their vehicles match the required rules and regulations of this segment, they will have to begin from ground zero. They also hope the landscape will change as this will be a much safer vehicle giving chance for three wheeler consumers to get a four wheeler that too at a reasonable price.

Bajaj RE60

The pioneers of quadricycle in the European market, the well established auto maker, Piaggio along with TVS was first to launch the concept in the year 2004, though the plans stayed in the files then and now the company is rethinking.

The company already has experience and wherewithal on the segment. Just the government clarifications are required before they can role one on the red carpet.

A 4-wheeled motor vehicle resting below conventional car in speed and engine power is called a qudricycle. With 3 lakh quadricycles on road in Europe like Aixam, Renault Twizy Electric, Grecav EKE and Piaggio Quadro it shall be interesting to see the launch in India of Bajaj’s RE60.

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