Piracy of auto parts is bothering the automotive industry

Piracy is rampant everywhere in this world. Be it the pirates in the open seas or still closer home, the film CD piracy. But then a new piracy is affecting the automotive world and it is the fake auto spare parts thronging in the market. It has now been reported that the Indian government had to give away Rs 2,200 crores due to the fake parts racket. This was confirmed by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) in their recent study. The estimated contribution of after market parts is stipulated to be in the region of Rs 24,800 crores. Whereas the estimated figures from the counterfeit industry hover around the Rs 8,700 crores market.

The whole industry is now set to take the counterfeiter heads on. Many measures are been taken to thwart their attempts and provide the automotive world with genuine and reliable spare parts.

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