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Porsche India declares appointment of six official dealers and new valuation structure

With the appointment of six dealers crosswise the nation and settlement of rates, the Porsche model range is now available in the Indian market. Porsche India’s retail functions have began with six dealerships in towns comprising Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Mumbai. The novel business associates have commenced work on high tech plants that will become functional by the coming year (2013) and offer up clients with a supreme experience.

In the meantime, all traders bag vehicle orders for the Porsche series and will begin supplying initial units to customers shortly. Service appeals are dealt in a professional manner from provisional plants at all six franchises until the new Porsche Centers will be launched.

Anil Reddi, Director at Porsche India, stated, “Since our biz set up during the month of April, we have been functioning hard to build up the basic dealer system. With the selection of six dealers in around four month period, I am happy to state that this has been one of the greatest biz ramp ups in the luxury automotive division. And, I must add, we have more plotted for 2012.”

Porsche India declares appointment of six official dealers and new valuation structure

With the aim to serve up clients with utmost ease, all novel dealerships will boast completely furnished service facilities.

Going one step extra Porsche India has also established a domestic group of skilled and completely mobile experts who go out to back up after sales fellow workers and meet with clients.

As part of the brand’s re-launch, Porsche India announced a new pricing structure for the entire model range starting at Rs.61.4 lakh ex-showroom Maharashtra for the Cayenne SUV. The diesel-engined Cayenne starts at Rs 68.3 lakh while the basic retail price of the Panamera Diesel is Rs.99.0 lakh ex-showroom Maharashtra.

Porsche India will concentrate very sturdily on sports vehicles with the iconic 911 valued at Rs.1.12 Crore and the novel mid-engined Boxster S selling for a price of Rs.80.24 lakh, both ex-showroom Maharashtra. The 911 and Boxster are bran new vehicles, deliveries of which will start soon in the Indian market.

“The novel biz establishment permitted us to revise the valuation for the complete model range and we are sure that our sharp clientele will be satisfied with the outcome”, says Reddi.

“Our traders are witnessing very sturdy enquiries for the Cayenne Diesel and the Panamera series. With the 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine and a basic retail value of below Rs.1 Crore, the Panamera will perk up the inactive luxury car section and provide clients a uniquely method, copiously equipped and decidedly sportier alternative.”

Porsche India also has the individual authority to appoint Porsche dealers in the Indian market.

Porsche India dealers effective immediately:

Porsche Centre Ahmedabad
Kataria Cars Private Limited
Telephone: +91 8511 000 911

Porsche Centre Bengaluru
Friendly Automotives (India) Private Limited
Telephone: +91 8884 000 911

Porsche Centre Chandigarh
Krishna Exclusive
Telephone: +91 8725 000 911

Porsche Centre Gurgaon
Zenica Performance Cars Private Limited
Telephone: +91 8800 000 911

Porsche Centre Kolkata
Mohan Motor Sales Private Limited
Telephone: +91 8584 000 911

Porsche Centre Mumbai
Aadya Motor Company (India) Private Limited
Telephone: +91 8452 000 911

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