Porsche to have 5-Series rivaling sedan soon: Report

Porsche may not have a sounding experience in developing sedans, except the Panamera, which even has a sporty appeal attached to it.

Having a galore at BMW’s portfolio, the engineers at Stuttgart-based carmaker seems to have gutted the way out against the rivals like 5-Series or C-Class, claims a report.

The Porsche sedan is claimed to sit below the Panamera, and expected to fill the gap for a more economical market segment, remained vying since a long time, just like the recently rolled-out compact SUV Macan did. The company is expecting to sell Macan in 50,000 units during this year for reaching the 2,00,000 units sale mark by 2015.

However, the Italian Maserati too followed the same strategy with its Ghibli for spawning across a wide market arena. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Jaguar XF and BMW 5-Series needed to clutch up the sales strategies aggressively towards the segment because of flooding reach of other competing brands.

Porsche to have 5-Series

“Speaking very frankly, I can say this is one of many ideas we have, to build a car below Panamera,” said Matthias Muller, company boss, to Autocar. “But it would be a difficult decision, because Porsche has just taken a huge step getting into the Macan market — not just developing the car but doubling the factory capacity, including the body shop and paint shop. It has been a huge effort for the whole company.”

Hope so, looking at the scenario, it will not be wrong to say, the carmakers like Porsche and others may roll out their versions of C-Class and 3-Series soon, where engineers at Jaguar looks busy doing these days. Hence, it will be interesting to see such sport-oriented/ultra niche carmakers stepping downwards the number-oriented masses.

Courtesy: Autocar

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