Premier Company plans to expand in India following the success of “Rio”

Recently in the Auto Expo 2012 held in Delhi, Premier showcased its SUV named “Rio” which went well with the crowd and managed to catch many eyeballs. Premier owing to its recent success now plans to have a massive expansion in the Indian market with “Rio”. After their highlight at the Auto Expo 2012, Premier is being flooded with dealership opportunities and is planning to make the best out of the limelight. Premier is planning to launch service station all across the country and have named it as ‘Premier Authorized Service Stations’ or PASS in short.

The expansion will start taking shape in the month of June this year as Premier will be looking forward to having at least 200-300 service centers all across the country which will be servicing Premier Rio. Setting up a network in a country like India always need immense and dedicated manpower and thus owing to the market in India, Premier has deployed a core committee which will look into the prospective Indian market and will topographically shortlist locations for the service centers. The team has been given detailed guidelines for profitable expansion of the Premier Empire in the market. They have strictly intimidated on the fact that the car has to be launched along with the mainstream cars on the Indian roads.

Premier Company plans to expand in India following the success of “Rio”
Presently the company operates with the help of 50 dealers in the Indian market and after Auto Expo it has joined hands with 30 more dealers. So by the end of May the company plans to have its 80 dealers actively dealing with surplus demands for “Rio” which will boost up their market presence in India. Premier has long-term plans attached to India and plans to expand to all parts of India by the end of December 2012. According to their spokesperson, Premier wished to have a stronghold with the help of at least 100 dealerships in India by the end of this year and at least 300 operational service centers as well. They are eyeing all the major markets where they can provide selfless service to the customers and do repair work. Premier plans to make the spare parts of Premier Rio available in the market at pretty economical and levelheaded prices. This is what adds zest to the company’s followership as the spare parts provided by Premier Motors are of the best quality and the price are much less than that of the other vehicles of its class.

Premier ensures that none of its customers remains unsatisfied with their services and therefore they have selflessly operated profitably for over 60 years now ensuring no regrets with the customers. The customers of Rio are ensured full guarantee of replacement of parts and there won’t be any issues brewing up regarding their sales process or the service they provide to their customers. They also have a fully operational customer care service center which has been functional through all parts of the country.

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