Priced at 2.5 lakhs, Eon all set to challenge Alto

Hyundai has been quite aggressive in the Indian car market with premium hatchback launches of Santro, Santro Xing, i10 and i20 with now focussing on introducing its small car that’s price is below 3 lakhs.

The small car, that’s called Eon, would be directly competing with Alto, Maruti’s highest selling car. The Eon would be gripping the Indian roads between October 10th and October 15th. The price of the Eon would be between Rs. 2.5 to Rs. 2.6 lakhs.

At the entry level, Hyundai said it would make no compromises with the Eon, for it would be a car that’s quite spacious with a big boot. The Eon would be run by an 814cc engine promising a mileage of 21.1 km per litre. The length of the Eon would be the same as Alto, that is, 3.5 metres, but would be wider by 75 mm and taller by 40 mm than the Alto.

Hyundai EonHyundai uses Santro’s platform in building the Eon and shares quite a few components from i10 and Santro respectively. The looks of the Eon are enhanced by Hyundai using their concept of fluidic design. Hyundai says the Eon would not be hampering market shares of the Santro.

While Hyundai is busy introducing the Eon into the Indian car market, other manufacturers are not far behind in entry level segment. Tata Motors is one such manufacturer busy producing a car with features of Indica and Nano. Volkswagen is introducing its Up sometime next year. Ford’s not far behind too, and with the encouragement offered by the sales of its Figo, they’re planning to develop a car that could be priced below the Figo.

Recent slump in auto sales is pretty evident in the Indian market, a downward trend at single digits. While the sales of mini cars is steady at 20%, that’s encouraging enough for car manufacturers to develop and introduce more small cars into the Indian car market.

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